Question Mark on Dow Jones Future: Hong Kong Stock Declines After Trump Signs Bill


The Dow Jones Industrial is a stock market index that measures the stock performance of 30+ large companies listed on stock exchanges in the United States.

With the fall of Dow Jones and a suspect on its future, US President Donald Trump had signed new legislation on supporting the anti-government protest against the Hong Kong government. With this step, the tension has raised between Beijing and Washington.


In China, the stock market rally set all-time highs, networking site popular name Facebook stock, Adobe stock, Costco stock are near buy points and are heading towards half-day sessions on Friday. Facebook stocks are in lead with $576 billion valuations followed by Mastercard of $294 billion. Disney, Adobe and Costco valuation set by $273.1 billion, $149.6 billion, and $132.2 billion at last.

Trump Signs raised China Tensions

Trump’s signing of the bill has put the IF and BUT situation in Hong Kong with the new law on Hong Kong’s special trade status. US President had also signed for the ban on the sale of munitions like tear gas, rubber bullets to the police of Hong Kong.

Furthermore, a statement from the US government stated that the bill will make peoples in China more unite and will make the US plot fail. But after this act, there is still a hope that China trade talks won’t get delayed and the trade war which is still on its halfway and stills it’s unclear about the tariff.

In respect to that Trump said, “I signed for the people of China and Hong Kong, I hope both will settle their differences soon”.

Stocks of the Billionaire Companies

Now let’s focus on the status of the Facebook stock, the stock rose 1.5% to 202 on Wednesday, since Q3 the stock has raised above average with no high-volume down sessions.

Whereas, Mastercard stock climbed from 0.8% to 291.74, and had risen in 14 of the last 16 sessions. Other than that other payment stocks have recently moved into buy zones.

Adobe stock slightly up 0.4% to 309.06 on Wednesday, the shares are running potentially towards a buy point.

Hopefully, trading volume will be light due to the weekend and many investors will go on a trip. We all know China is the largest exporter of goods around the world if there will be pressure on China the exercise of trading might get impulsive or affected.

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