New Clash Between US & China After Controversial Trade War?


The US-China trade war is still not solved and a new controversy took place between both of these countries. We know both countries are the biggest importer and exporter countries in the world.

Now the question arises, why US President Trump wants to build pressure on China?

There has been a conflict between both countries if we turn down a few pages from the past. The US had put allegations on China to spy via Huawei, and as a result of Huawei strongly disagree. Even the US officials restricted Huawei for 5G spectrum auction in the past.

Courtesy-Wall street

The US had put a hefty tariff on high-tech Chinese products to put economic pressure on Beijing. Even China’s authority is in no way to talk any other counterpart except trade war.

Recently as per few reports in the US, claiming that Trump had asked China to buy agricultural products from 40-50 billion in a year. I mean why the US is taking so much interest or we can say interfering in Beijing’s internal policy? The answer is Trump wants to build pressure on China in the hope that China will agree with all his terms and conditions related to the trade war struggle.

US President said still there are possibilities regarding those tariffs but the things are not on the table as of now. But he assured that the trade talk with Beijing will be great and will positively handle the situation. A Chinese official said that ‘we had a close-talk with the US related to trade’.

A buying out option is every country’s personal call but still, the US is asking China to buy more than $8.6 billion farm products as compared to last year. On the other side, China believes that they will reach on a deal of a phase-one agreement.

There are various media reports published that both countries are inching towards a limited trade deal. There might be some true story behind this because the US doesn’t want China to manufacture goods in their country because they think China may capture the US market on a large scale and US companies will have to suffer huge losses. Whereas, China also want to export their products or to manufacture goods to maximize its profit as much they can. Both countries are driving on the edge and stepping together by keeping a close watch on each other decision they take.

Courtesy- CNN

There is one more twist which the US told to China in related to agriculture products- China had to publicly announce the buying plans without depending on the conditions of the market. It clearly reflects that because of a trade war the cross border trading getting worse. Both countries are avoiding releasing any controversial statement related to trade and only confronting the close trade talk with each other.

The world is divided into two and has different opinions:

Countries like Pakistan, North Korea, Russia are in favor of China whereas, countries like Israel, Saudi Arabia, UK, France are supporting the US and supporting the country by saying that the US is safeguarding his own country from cross border trade. A developing nation like India had not openly come out to support any countries but as per the report, India is supporting the US along with Israel and other nations. Due to two partitions of the world exercising international trade practices are getting much difficult nowadays.

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