China’s Ancient Trade Route Could Actually Boost the GDP of Western Countries


If you have good knowledge about history then you must know about ‘Silk Road’ the route once ran during the Roman Empire between China and it connected through Western countries including the USA.

Courtesy-India today

China’s President Xi Jinping announced in 2013 that the route will be resurrected again; through this step, China will again reopen the trade corridor between European countries, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia. As per several reports comes from the US, this step could actually beneficially to the US and it can also help to boost the US GDP.

Although the US is not investing in this project or in any kind of involvement the researchers in the UK believe that the US is the second-largest beneficiary and as per their calculations the project will leave the GDP of the US $401 billion by 2040.

Why it will mainly beneficial to the US?

The US is a superpower nation its growth is higher than any other countries in the world, because of the size of the US economy it becomes easy for a developed nation to get benefits from the indirect effects of the world GDP. As the reports suggest that through this route the practicing of imports will be much cheaper because the integration across several countries outside the US would serve more efficiently of production and as a result customers get cheaper goods and services.


The world is divided into two groups one part of the world is supporting China effort and the other part is raising questions of China’s decision.  But still, the question remains why China is doing?

What will China get?

China is the only country who makes huge investments in international trading. A few years ago China started a rail route that connects European countries and the dragon started trading via rail route, although the train took 18 days to reach the destination. It clearly shows- to develop its GDP, China mainly focuses on international trade. Here also China expects to develop its border regions like Xinjiang.

China will get economic benefits both domestic structure and internationally also. The Chinese brands will also get recognition and can turn into global brands.

There is still a lot to be known later because the Government of China had not accelerated much information but they had clearly given a green signal which might be a trillion projects from China.

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