Why the Over Regulation on the Franchising Model?


Franchising is the fastest way to create small businesses, create jobs and create cash flow. Currently, the Federal Trade Commission wants to increase the over-regulation of the franchise sector. The way the Federal Trade Commission behaves is little incentive or allows some new companies to merge from their ashes to become Wendy's next hamburger, McDonalds, Duncan Donuts, Century 21, KFC, Pizza Dominos, Midas Muffler, etc. Why? What is it really said here? More complicated laws slow down the progress of the species in order to advance trade.

Are we cutting the hand that feeds us, to poison the horse representing the wheels of trade, to shoot us in the foot; And if so, why? Thus, some lawyers can divert yet another industry, play God, without creating anything; destroy only en route as a collection fee and regulations? If we had to watch the good VS. perverse scenario here; Bureaucracy and lawyers are devilish and franchisors and entrepreneurs are good.

We invite the Federal Trade Commission to pass on the other side, to repent of their sins against humanity, jobs and the economy. We invite the Federal Trade Commission to join the strong concept of capitalism, which founded this great nation. We invite the Federal Trade Commission to go to the back of the cave to look at the screening room, then take a look, look outside and discover the world. real of the franchise. A world that is not so much a question of laws and rules as to deliver goods and services such as: haircuts, oil washes, oil changes, concierge services, hotel rooms, hamburgers, pizza, chicken, donuts, cars, bouquets, rental equipment and clean windows, that the Federal Trade Commission can use to look in the real world with. The last time I've checked, these are just a few of the things that franchising faithfully delivers to American consumers every day. Think about it.

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