Why Do We Trade The Currency Forex Markets?


Perhaps because it is the currency exchange market that underpins all world trade and all international transactions, and as long as the world exists, this market will exist and will offer us many opportunities to trade it.

Perhaps because it is the largest market in the world and also the most liquid. Big profits can be made by negotiating short lead times.

Compared to the stock market, which has thousands of companies in the market every day, the foreign exchange market is traded in a few major currencies. The market volume for these major currencies is very large, often totaling more than US $ 3 trillion a day.

It may be because of the large number of opportunities that exist to make money in this market, and it is not difficult to find trading opportunities, stocks rising currency, because currencies are traded in pairs, there are always examples of currency rising and falling in value, and therefore we are selling or buying one currency against another.

Perhaps it is because we can enter the foreign exchange market and trade using small trading accounts, previously this was not possible, and trading was mainly the responsibility of large institutions. banking.

Smaller transactions allow more flexibility, the sudden and large movements of larger players reveal their positions and trading strategies.

Perhaps it is because each country has its own single currency, its own way of managing that currency and its economy. This fact almost guarantees that there will always be fluctuating currency pairs to trade.

It may be because currencies can move independently of all stocks and bonds, and this gives us the chance to diversify our trading portfolios, this is a great advantage, especially when the market stock market peaks and is late for a corrective phase, and trading is difficult in highly volatile markets.

It may be because of the size of the potential trading profits, and as a number of trades can often be opened and closed within a week, you can even place trades , 24 hours a day, in the comfort and convenience of your choice. at home, if you wish.

It may be because of the huge leverage that can be applied to currency transactions, in markets, and that we can open live trading accounts for less than $ 500, but also remember that this same leverage works both ways, it can make or break your account balance.

It may be because there are new reputable trading methods that pay close attention to risk mitigation in your trading, and you perceive it to be perhaps less risky than stock trading, and With the introduction of trading robots, your lack of knowledge is no longer a restriction, and you can start trading forex currencies.

Perhaps the independent nature of the forex currency market is what makes it so attractive to us, it seems immune to the rise and fall of property rates and interest rates, and does not appear to be significantly affected by changes in commodity prices or the value of bonds.

Perhaps we realize that learning how to profitably trade the forex currency market is a very valuable skill for life, which can provide us with a unique and recession-proof income.

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