Who Regulates Construction Companies?


Construction is big business, often literally. The construction industry is all about growing your business. Hiring a properly regulated, but perhaps more expensive, business can be the difference between a perfect, ready-made new building and a muddy hole in the ground still waiting for work to be done. . Construction companies are very heavily regulated because there is so much that can go wrong in the construction industry. From the ground level workers to the person buying the building from you 10 years later, everyone should know that the safety regulations have been followed and that this building will work for the intended function and location.

In Australia each state has its own laws regarding construction companies, although there is no central federal body for construction companies, usually their regulation is dealt with at the local level of city ​​and county. For example, in South Australia it is the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs that is responsible for overseeing building regulations and codes, while in the Government of Western Australia it is Is the Office of Occupational Safety and Health (OHS) which is responsible for building regulations. It's best to contact your local authorities to ask about your state's regulatory bodies before hiring someone so you can verify their license before work begins.

There are a lot of people involved in construction although not all of them are part of the construction company. Architects, for example, have their own governing bodies and separate insurance from construction companies. Although this is a different body by area, their focus is the same, so considering OSH as it relates to Western Australia will be our example. The Office of Occupational Safety and Health is responsible for ensuring everyone's safety. They regulate everything from the handling of materials to the required clothing that construction crews must wear to keep accidents as low as possible. OHS must also approve construction plans if this is a commercial building so that once construction is complete, new owners will also adhere to their codes for the safety of their employees.

Besides legal bodies, there are also commercial agencies that will show the quality of a construction business. Commercial agencies have strict rules as to who is allowed to become a member and a business that does not meet the requirements will not be able to display their membership. Membership in a trade association is another guarantee that the construction company will do a good job. For example, the Housing Industry Association is just that. An association such as the HIA serves both its members and the general public. They also provide third-party testing of many building materials and products to ensure the quality and safety used in your building project will be built to last.

Ensuring construction companies are properly regulated can be a life-and-death case for construction workers and future building occupants. Regulations help protect life and property, and while accidents can still happen, a construction company that does its best to follow all rules and regulations will have a track record of safety and success as well as being successful. a full complement of professional associations to show the high standards they hold themselves to. Construction companies need regulations, but they also need to follow them and you can always check this with critics or a business organization, such as the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, to make sure your business is worth it. hardly.

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