What’s Better Than Filing Bankruptcy for a New Year’s Resolution


As Christmas should come back to us once more, I think that should be the case, the moment is conducive to joy. Corporate America pushed back the Christmas season until August. You start seeing Christmas displays in department stores around the month of August. It's good before your kids go back to school and their fall did not fall. Once this happens, it happens quickly and we know that it is almost too late for Thanksgiving. Now, most major retailers are opening Thanksgiving night to launch Black Friday. Let's not forget the internet retailers and the cyber monday. We simply can not cope. Christmas is so commercialized that people feel guilty if they do not indebted to buy a group of people that they do not like, gifts that they can not to afford, putting them extremely in debt after the holidays. It's all happy, happy, happy, until the bills start rolling after the start of the new year.

In recent years, many Americans have exercised their rights by eliminating their debts by declaring themselves bankrupt. The economy continues to remain in the doldrums since the return in 2007 of the almost total collapse of the financial markets. Many people have tried to hang on and avoid bankruptcy at all costs, but now they realize that things are not going much better. At the beginning of each year, many Americans will take the New Year's resolution to improve the lives of their families. Many of these resolutions involve exercise, diet, smoking, alcohol consumption and are generally related to health. Putting money in your family 's finances is far more important in today' s terrible economy than losing a few pounds. That's why Americans should look at their personal situation and consider bankruptcy in order to eliminate debt that they can not repay. What a great way to start the New Year with the optimism of no more debt until the next Christmas.

If anyone feels they are not ready to talk to a bankruptcy lawyer, he just has to add up all his debts and determine how long it will take to repay them based on their income if they do not incur any new debt. If this number takes more than five years to pay, they should consider making this call to a bankruptcy lawyer and see if they are qualified to file Chapter 7 of the bankruptcy. Traditional media want consumers to believe that filing for bankruptcy is bad and it will destroy your life. And since the big financial institutions now control the media, it's hard to trust that view. In reality, this is far from the truth and many people get back on their feet a few years after filing the application. Creditors are opportunists and know that many people leave Chapter 7 of the bankruptcy, virtually debt free. After a short time, these new debt-free consumers appear as a pretty good risk for creditors. After adding the pros and cons, a New Year's resolution could be a good bankruptcy solution.

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