What Are the Top Five Tortoises for Sale on the Market Today?


Turtles are one of the easiest reptiles to find that can inspire curiosity and fascination in reptile keepers young and old. Whether it’s their slow but determined nature or the built tusk/home they carry on their backs, turtles find their way into our homes and hearts. We are going to look at the top five turtles for sale in the market today and some of the reasons why they are there.

African spurred tortoise

African spurred tortoises, also known as African spurred tortoises, are one of the most commonly kept pet tortoises. They are among the medium to large sized turtles that are easy to care for and rather inexpensive to purchase. Adult males will reach a very impressive size of fifty to eighty pounds and for keepers who have access to an enclosed patch of land, they can be a very impressive pet to have. They are grassland tortoises, so a diet of hay and vegetation along with a mix of prepared tortoise food will keep them happy and healthy for years.

The red-footed turtle

Red feet are one of the more exotic medium-sized tortoises due to their red scaly legs and head as well as a nicely colored carapace that is normally black and yellow. They are also one of the cheapest turtles on the market, which along with their appearance makes them a highly sought after reptile. They are native to the northern regions of South America and live at the edges of forests where they feed on a varied diet of green vegetables, fruits, small insects, eggs, and carrion. In captivity, they can be kept indoors in a large turtle enclosure or outdoors in a shady patch of ground. Red-footed tortoises and their close relative, the yellow-footed tortoise, are a big part of the reptile experience.

The Russian tortoise

Russian tortoises are one of the smallest tortoises found in the wild and live in the arid low mountain regions of Pakistan throughout Southeast Asia. These hardy creatures can withstand a wide variety of temperatures and can survive on a regular diet of vegetation, hay, and pre-mixed turtle food. Due to their ability to withstand a harsh climate, they can adapt to most indoor spaces and also acclimatize to humidity. Russian tortoises rarely exceed eight to ten inches in length, making them a very likely candidate for an indoor tortoise.

Mediterranean turtles

Mediterranean countries are home to a number of small and beautifully patterned pet turtles. These include Greek tortoises, Herman’s tortoises and fringe tortoises. These lively little creatures have more specific temperature and humidity requirements than Russian tortoises, but are much more attractive and sought after in many ways. The price reflects this and these small turtles are in the next bracket for cost to obtain.

star tortoises

Star tortoises are small-sized tortoises that get their name from the brightly colored yellow and black shells covered in multi-faceted star-like patterns. They come from several countries including India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar and Burma. These beautiful animals are highly sought after by keepers in the United States as well as China and Japan and it is for this reason that they are one of the most expensive. pet turtles on the market.

Source by Amir Soleymani

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