Tips on How to Negotiate Air Freight Rates


Knowledge is the most important element to take into account before any negotiation of shipping contracts. Many factors determine the cost of freight. Knowing how air freight rates are structured will help you understand what you can negotiate. Small savings in many places will result in a big economy. Here are some good trading tips:

First, determine what is a "good deal". This could represent added value for your money, save time, incentives for repeat customers or offer you more for your money in the form of better quality of service. Bad agreement, on the other hand, does not involve any of these elements.

Here are some important things to keep in mind and to look for:

1. Better air cargo rates could generally be poorly designed and look like "good rates". This is not always the case. If you pay more than the chances and the freight forwarder has reduced the rate by 5%, you can still pay a higher price compared to other forwarders. Examine the quote carefully and compare it to quotes from other senders.

2. The weight, size, number of items and destination of the shipment could determine the offer of a forwarding agent. But few people know that factors such as packaging, road conditions, the shape of the package, whether the transport is dangerous or not, as well as the kilometers between stops are also taken into account on the side of the forwarder. They must all be taken into account before any fair quote.

3. The company offering the cheapest fare is not necessarily the best forwarder. Frequently, in the freight industry, it is generally accepted that customers get value for money. Make sure your forwarder is legitimate and has a good reputation. Review comments on rates, services offered, and quality of customer service, and then evaluate them with the help of other people's experiences. You can perform a quick search on Google to get enough information.

4. Carefully check the terms and conditions of a company before signing a contract. Familiarize yourself with any inconvenience that may be hidden in the contract. Be sure to read the right page. Finding a quality service, without pitfalls, could trigger a long, strong and productive business relationship between a customer and a freight forwarder.

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