Three-Layer Content Marketing Strategy For ClickBank Promotions


The first layer of content should, the part that establishes you as an expert, address relevant issues as well as manageable solutions that most likely should be considered.

Establish a connection

When your content is read, the feeling that you “get it” should resonate strongly, come through. An authoritative voice offering trusted information and expert advice means you won’t come across as a complete stranger just to make a sale.

Genuinely caring about the problems your visitors are having as you walk them through a solution can go a long way in building valuable rapport. you want to appear frank, honest and sincere.

Once that connection is established, getting them to move on to the next content in your three-tier content marketing strategy should be an automatic response.

Now comes the components of the various product types that will ultimately be the viable solutions they may be looking for.

This content layer outlines the different options and varieties, if you will, of fixes available, and with each, the pros and cons.

Although your content is still somewhat reserved, in the sense that it does not specify the choice of a particular product, it nevertheless answers or should answer the demand for adequate means for appropriate results. The visitor should feel confident enough in the information as they have come very close to a solution.

Content layer connectivity

You can start to see how content layers build an interesting ecosystem to follow. The paragraph above would be part of the second layer of your content marketing strategy. Is this the main device? To optionally link to the last and third layer of content. Linking to each other, as shown above in order, is an imperative part of this strategy.

Now is the time for the third layer of your content marketing strategy which finally discloses the possible choices, without actually specifying any particular choice.

Now you will need a comparison page. The real term is the “competitor” comparison page. I use a comparison page in a different way. Comparison pages can be constructed to discredit or find disadvantages with competing products or services. Not only is this practice corny but also unethical.

Competitor comparison page

Our three-layered content marketing strategy will ultimately drive the visitor to that page and the page itself doesn’t have to denigrate anyone’s site products or services that competitors are promoting.

What this comparison page needs is three or four of your top ClickBank products with your affiliate links. These elements or services must be relevant to solving the problem of the visitor you are promoting. Let them choose the product they want to try from your selection of comparisons.

It’s pretty safe to say that if the prospect has made it this far in your three-layered content, you’ve most likely built some trust in their eyes.

Anyone who lands on the comparison page still can’t buy your product. The thing is, these people are much more qualified “target traffic” than anyone who enters your content marketing system. Now you need to make sure you’re using an email marketing program to stay in touch with upcoming news and offers, staying completely relevant to what they’ve subscribed to.

Get the three-tier content marketing strategy right and simply drive traffic. Works effectively with ClickBank or any sales promotion.

Source by Donald Whitehead

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