The New Employment of America Will Lead Many Into Filing Bankruptcy


Since about 2010, the government has added billions of dollars to add liquidity to the markets in the hope of some form of economic recovery. What is frightening is that this money is not the real money they have in their coffers, but money drawn from nowhere in the form of quantitative easing. Most Americans do not understand quantitative easing, but in short, it's nothing more than making money with nothing. In essence, it devalues ​​every dollar we earn. The Federal Reserve admits to have multiplied by 20 the monetary availabilities. Therefore, if my calculations are well done, every dollar in the bag is worth only a penny. The media has beaten this full recovery drum while in reality, jobs leave millions of people. In fact, this began in 2000 when US companies began relocating all their manufacturing activities. It is at this time that the US economy has become debt-driven and nothing more. We are no longer creators of anything but only consumers and this will only work as long as they will continue to print money to give to banks to lend to consumers.

Looking at the unemployment figures, it is hard to believe that it was only 6.7% at the last check. You can not take and read financial documents without hearing about a major bankruptcy of a company or the announcement of layoffs and / or closure of many sites. business. At the height of unemployment a few years ago, the employment / population ratio was 62%, while the unemployment rate was above 10%. Now at 6.7%, this ratio is now 56%. Again, by checking my calculations, this ratio should increase as the evidence indicates that the number is decreasing. It is obvious that someone is preparing the books. The good news is that for all those who are in trouble, bankruptcy is always available. They just need to look for that silver lining in the bankruptcy cloud and see the positive side.

Historically, when the subject of bankruptcy is raised, all that matters to you is the negative aspects. It is rare for anyone to hear about the good things that an offer of bankruptcy offers. If anyone wants to hear any good news on the subject, he should consult a lawyer specializing in bankruptcy. A bankruptcy lawyer will inform the person of the automatic suspension and its effectiveness. The automatic suspension is put in place at the time of filing the bankruptcy and prevents the creditors from recovering any debt. In fact, it is so powerful that it will stop any legal activity, including foreclosure, lawsuits, judgments and garnishment of wages. Creditors will no longer even be able to contact the debtor. Therefore, debtors will enjoy the tranquility of not worrying about who is on the other end of the phone when it rings.

The second most positive benefit of filing for bankruptcy is the liberation of bankruptcy. The liberation of bankruptcy is the secret that creditors do not want the debtor to know. The creditors want individuals to believe that a bankruptcy filing will destroy their lives. That is why there is so much negative information online. The debt collectors will do anything to deter a person from declaring bankruptcy because they know that once the person has filed his file, she will no longer be able to call the person and that when the bankruptcy is released, they will receive nothing. When filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, all unsecured debts are completely erased without any refund. With respect to Chapter 13, the debtor and his bankruptcy attorney are required to submit a feasible repayment plan to the bankruptcy court. In chapter 13 of the bankruptcy, debts are paid in priority with a guarantee of getting the first crack to the cash. Usually, very little will be paid on the unsecured debt and any remaining amount will be included in the bankruptcy discharge at the end of the repayment plan.

The truth is that the media do not talk about economic recovery, and that people must be proactive in seeking the truth. When things do not add up, take the floor in the foreground to understand who they are working for. Many Americans are starting to become aware of the truth as it becomes difficult to conceal the non-existent recovery as more than 50 million people receive food stamps and many move home with their elderly parents because they can make. ; t keep a roof over their head.

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