The Need for Social Marketing in 2013


The past year has been a revelation in many ways for the entire IT industry. Apple lost Steve Jobs but its iPhone 5 became the main mobility device of 2012 and much more. But the much-hyped news that has fizzled was the launch of Facebook, the social media site, on the NASDAQ. In just a few months, Facebook's shares are trading at a price below its IPO price and statements of its gains, made public recently, have not helped. Faced with criticism of how Facebook places advertising on its pages and the questionable ability of such PPC campaigns to target specific user groups, social marketing has lost some of its brilliance in 2012. In fact, many Software development companies have opted for the investment method. Instead, Google PPC publishes ads to improve web traffic and reach a larger group of potential customers. The main reasons why many companies pursue social marketing are:

Strengthening customer relations

Through social marketing, most companies in various sectors, from software development to automotive, are looking to build closer relationships with their customers. In this case, social marketing offers businesses an instant and inexpensive way to establish links and strengthen links with selected customer groups by offering special discounts, limited time offers, and so on.

Improve brand preference and brand awareness

In the case of existing customer groups, this form of marketing can play a key role in improving the preference for the advertised brand. This helps to increase the number of loyal customers and improve the brand image as well as the net results of the company. In addition, this marketing system can also enhance brand awareness among targeted user groups in order to improve the overall visibility of a product / service, by improving and establishing an interaction between different groups of customers.

Improved sharing of information between stakeholders

Another advantage is the ability of this format to facilitate improvement between the different actors of the company. These stakeholders include customers, suppliers or partners even if the company is an offshore software developer or is engaged in quality assurance services. This form of marketing allows these stakeholders to instantly convey to the company the evolution of their needs almost instantly. This improved communication would help businesses adapt more quickly to their work environment and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Increased revenues thanks to new customers

This form of marketing can be an essential method for acquiring new customers and entering new niches. In addition, enhancements to sharing information with key stakeholders in the organization can also play a key role in new product design and innovation in organizations in order to improve the quality of information. improve the overall market position, even if the company operates in the areas of Java application development or mobile applications.

These are key reasons for companies to invest in social marketing. However, questions regarding the ability of existing social media sites to actually offer these benefits, so that the company improves its bottom line were criticized in 2012.

The future of social marketing

All the illusions that social marketing alone can move a business forward have been dissipated in recent years. In 2013, we can consider integrating social marketing into additional marketing initiatives such as PPC advertising, TV advertising, and so on. Like any other trend, this emerging marketer should evolve and be integrated with other commonly used marketing initiatives. organizations to acquire new customers, expand their reach and break into new markets.

In the coming years, we can also consider the increased use of various social media optimization techniques to help companies focus their marketing efforts and target their desired market segments in order to to maximize the benefits. The proliferation of smartphones, tablets and related mobility devices is also expected to lead to the development of mobile applications aimed at improving the social marketing initiatives of various companies, especially those operating in the SME segment.

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