The Must-Have Tech of 2017


"He's funny when he gets angry," my daughter said.

"He's stung a crisis!" my son claimed after winning a quick tapping game

If you listen to my kids talking, you would think that they were talking to a friend or a pet.

The problem is that they are talking about one of the biggest and hottest trends in electronics … a trend that is about to become a big problem for stock market investors.

You see, my kids are talking about Cozmo, the little robot that I managed to get them for Christmas.

Anki, the company that makes Cozmo, sold the robot before Christmas. He is back in stock now, and my sources say that Cozmo continues to sell well even after the rush of Christmas.

Cozmo fascinates my children since Christmas morning. They talk as if he's a real person and they love the few games and skills that Cozmo is ready to play.

But this is only the beginning for robots.

The hot spot of CES

You will learn a lot more about robots. The Consumer Electronics Show – or more commonly called CES – is taking place in Las Vegas.

In fact, robots are so important at CES 2017 that the entire show on Friday is devoted to these incredible machines.

You must keep abreast of what is happening with robots, as they are an essential part of the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution.

According to an IDC research report released yesterday, the revolution of the Internet of Things will generate an economic value of $ 1.7 trillion by 2020. In fact, last year was the biggest year for robot startups, with $ 1.95 billion spent on 128 companies.

As an investor, it is essential for you to follow new state-of-the-art robotics products, such as Cozmo, because I think that a large number of companies that manufacture these machines will be made public in 2017, generating incredible profits with their shares.

A company I mentioned – Impinj, maker of IoT sensors used in the retail business – launched its initial public offering on July 21 at $ 14 a share. Stocks recently peaked at $ 41.91 after the IPO, which allowed early investors to reap nearly 200% in about five months. These are phenomenal gains in a few months that most investors never realize in their lives!

Nutanix, another IPO of the IoT on September 30, priced at $ 16. The stock climbed to $ 46.78 in two days, generating an incredible gain of 193%. Amazing earnings for any investor!

The indispensable assistant

I think this type of winnings is only the tip of the iceberg for what will happen in 2017. I already told you to look for Anki, the maker of Cozmo, when it will be finally made public.

Another robot company to watch for is Mayfield Robotics.

Mayfield manufactures Kuri, another user-friendly robot presented at CES 2017.

This robot walks around you and acts as a personal assistant. Kuri can answer questions and monitor your pets, children or elderly parents. It can help you monitor your home and do things for you that would currently require a PC, smartphone or tablet using services such as Google, Skype, etc.

The key to adopting Kuri as a food processor is that it offers a convenience and a new benefit: the ability to monitor people, pets, and things that are important to you when you are not at home

Mayfield sells Kuri for $ 699.

Enjoy the revolution

Now, Kuri and Cozmo are likely to be successful and could launch companies that increase them considerably after they start being listed.

But the huge opportunity for robots in the great trend of the Internet of Things lies in the use of machines in industry and business. That's where I think you'll find Google-type winners in the stock market. Google has climbed more than 1500% since its IPO in 2004.

And over time, some of these IPOs will generate even greater gains, such as Cisco's 40,000% gain in the latest technology boom.

You can leverage the benefits of the IoT robot opportunity by purchasing a specialized exchange-traded fund (ETF), such as the Renaissance IPO ETF (NYSE Arca: IPO), or a specialized ETF, such as Robo Global Robotics. & Automation. ETF (Nasdaq: ROBO).

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