The Marketing Strategy That Sells Without Selling


Surf the Internet. You will come across many frustrating messages asking you to buy something. Read these messages. You will discover the craziest exaggerations you have ever read. The owners of these posts are using hard selling. This marketing strategy does not work effectively because “people want to buy but do NOT want to be sold”.

No one gets happy when they pay their hard earned money for a product. But everyone becomes happy when they are offered a FREE valuable product.

Rand Fishkin says the best way to sell something is not to sell it. Just earn the conscience, respect and trust of those who might buy it.

You might be wondering what a weird opinion this could be.

But Andrew Davies adds that “content builds relationships.” Relationships are built on TRUST. Trust generates income. ‘

If you are not selling, what should you do?

To answer this question satisfactorily, we need to look at the buying trends of consumers.

Consumers buy from people they like and trust.

What trust and like Can a marketer derive leads by offering to buy their product? Who likes persistent advertising messages?

To increase conversion rates and sales, there is a gap that needs to be closed.

Before we see what it is, let’s find out what the stats say about those millions of leads generated every day.

61% of Business2Business marketers send their leads to sales pages.

What is their average conversion rate for these prospects?

Only 27%!

It is an observation of Marketing Sherpa.

Now what should you do to increase sales?

I’ll answer that question in a minute. I would like to comment on other methods of increasing the conversion rate.

How do other conversion rate boosters work?

I will only comment on two of them.

One way to increase conversion rates (turn web visitors into buyers or subscribers) is A / B split testing. By using certain web resources, you can find out where your visitors are going on your web page.

You can also discover weak points that require adjustment. By making the necessary corrections, you improve conversions while doing what your web visitors want.

According to Conversion XL, however, only one in eight (1 in 8) split A / B testing improved conversions.

Another conversion rate booster is telephone canvassing. Online contact with prospects could create leads. But according to Leap Jobs, only 2% of cold calls result in dates.

Why are these methods ineffective?

Like I said earlier, prospects want to buy. However, they don’t want to be sold to them. They want to make their own buying decisions.

A marketer must therefore create this favorable environment to make his own purchasing decisions.

Second, a marketer and their product must be KNOWN, LOVED and TRUST. This is marketing.

Cold calls and split testing cannot create that ‘ready to buy’ mindset.

Now let’s return to the unanswered question above.

What to do to increase sales?

There is a method that dramatically increases sales. The leads generated from this method are of the fed type. These nurtured prospects could make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured prospects, according to the findings of the Annuita group.

You can sell without selling by making yourself known first. One way to do this is to provide content that helps your prospects solve their problems. Give it away for FREE.

Second, make your prospects like you. The same valuable information that you freely offer could create that taste. Who hates someone who offers them help for free?

Third, trust yourself. The same helpful problem-solving content will help you be trusted. Your content will let your prospects know that they are dealing with an expert. Someone they know can help them solve their problems.

This is not the end of the road. You will not reap the maximum benefits just by doing this. There are different techniques you can rely on to shape purchasing decisions for your product. I discuss this in my article mentioned below.

Source by John Lisimba

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