The Last Bastion For Free Thought For the Internet Entrepreneur


There is a great struggle in society. The polarizing effects of our banking institutions have brought it to the fore. Today's global economy can affect everything. Not only our banking systems, but our very way of life.

Entrepreneurship is based on the principle of the freedom of thought of individuals. Merit, success, hard work and individual prosperity are rewarded for those who maintain their focus and discipline by creating a business that benefits everyone and belief in unlimited wealth. It is the essence of capitalism. Capitalism allows free enterprise and the flourishing of businesses. Its value is simply based on one thing, the voluntary free judgment of the consumer. Capitalism offers freedom of choice.

There has been a slow erosion of capitalism, a move towards a more inclusive system that "shares the wealth". The premise is based on the fact that there is a limited amount of wealth to share in the world. It must be divided equally for the work to be divided equally. There is no penalty for not meeting the minimum requirement and no reward for individual merit. The simple idea of ​​"shared wealth" minimizes the reward for the hard worker and encourages a tarnishing of creativity. Now, if you are offered a job that tells you what you are doing, you are paid. You are not paid more or less than anyone. There is no extra pay for overtime, but you receive your benefits like everyone else. It sounds secure, no, it sounds like an easy way to earn a salary. It looks like socialism.

Socialism is a utopian ideal that kills free enterprise. This stifles creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit. In the US Silicon Valley, there was no new IPO for the second quarter of what was once the second largest industrial revolution in the United States. There was only one new IPO in the third quarter. It is clear that economic growth is slowing slightly. Complicated tax codes and bureaucratic penalties for operating in the United States have forced many industries to outsource or take leave for more favorable terms.

Internet is the last bulwark of the free thinker, the maverick, the creator of dreams that represents the entrepreneur. The bureaucracies of our governments do not affect it. It offers unlimited wealth to those who are disciplined and work to create innovative opportunities. It reaches every country, every shore, every nook and cranny where the free thinker can exist. Every day, a new dreamer is born, ready to live the dream created by us in America in 1776.

The world is much smaller with the Internet innovation; we do not know where the next Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison or Bill Gates will show up. But as long as the Internet will remain the domain of the entrepreneur, they will be found, grown and developed. Capitalism is the hope and dream of many people around the world in search of freedom. The wealth and prosperity of the individual are possible as long as we keep this beacon of light on fire.

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