The Internet Marketing Strategy Your Competition is Using to Kill You Every Time


As an affiliate you should realize that you are not the only one trying to make money with your chosen affiliate marketing program. You will face competition and you will have to do better. PERIOD. You will need a unique internet marketing strategy that will give you an unfair advantage over your competition. If you think that’s hard to accomplish, you’ll want to keep reading.

There is one internet marketing strategy that your competitors will use to kill you every time.

The strategy is really made up of 2 parts. If you learn how to integrate these two strategies and merge them, you will easily crush 90% of the affiliates in your market.

Part 1 – Don’t be afraid to be aggressive.

It’s more a way of thinking than a real Internet marketing strategy, but I tell you that your competitors will be the only ones to tell you not to be aggressive, while they send you a new offer by e-mail every day. email loaded with bonuses and a push to act immediately.

This internet marketing strategy (mental strategy) is especially important for email marketers who grow and manage lists. Be aggressive! If you have a product you believe in that you think your followers could use to their advantage, talk to them and keep telling them why it’s in their best interest to buy NOW, or someone else will.

Yes, you will have people who will feel that you are sending them too many emails or that you are pushy and they will unsubscribe. So what…this happens with about 1% of people, but it’s so easy to focus on that follower you lost and forget about the fact that 99 people still want you to sell to them! Keep your customers aware of you and what you are doing at all times.

If you fail to maintain this aggressive mentality in everything you do, your internet marketing strategy will fail. While you’re figuring out if your followers like you or not, your competition will be cleaning up and doing what you’re too afraid to do.

Part 2 – Create Affiliate Advertising Synergy

Really, it can’t be done without being aggressive anyway and it’s simply a supplement to the first Internet marketing strategy. Carry this aggression in everything you do. One of the most effective ways to do this is to use all the major traffic generation and advertising sources available to you and include them in your overall internet marketing strategy.

You need to hit multiple advertising channels with your offers and do so consistently. In a nutshell, be like Microsoft and be EVERYWHERE! And above all, take this Internet marketing strategy to new heights by combining different advertising channels to generate even more traffic. If you do it right, your traffic will drive traffic!

For example, instead of writing articles and linking them to your sales page or landing page for a specific product or service, link it to a free, brandable report that your visitors can tag with their own name. and send to their subscribers or network of affiliates. This internet marketing strategy alone can create an endless amount of traffic from just one small report.

By keeping this aggressive mindset in everything you do, your creativity will flow and you’ll end up with even more ideas than ever before. For every Internet marketing strategy you’ve heard of, think about how you can use it aggressively and improve on it.

Source by Adam Bauthues

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