The 5 Currencies of Abundance


There are different types of currencies that make the world go round and money is just one of them. First there is the emotional currency, the spiritual currency, the physical currency, the character currency and the financial currency. Let's examine each:

Emotional money: emotional money can be defined as, for example, filling your spouse's love tank. You have heard of the term "emotional bankruptcy". You must continue to invest emotionally in your relationship in order to maintain the passion or bond. Building emotional currency comes when you talk to your spouse about love of language and practice forgiveness, among other things, for emotional connection and interaction.

Spiritual Currency: Spiritual currency is the inner strength of a person. It is the power that lies beyond the physical and the ego. It is a renewed inner strength, emotional integrity and a power to change your reality. It is acquired through prayer and fellowship with the Creator.

Physical currency: this currency is easy to understand. The more we invest in our health through exercise, nutrition, relaxation and stretching, the more we get better performance from our body. We feel rejuvenated and gain some vitality when we take care of our bodies in depth. I often say that being in good physical shape is not a goal, it is a way of life. Physical money pays off in good health.

Financial Money: We know the currency of cold cash but there is more than that. Financial money comes in the form of a financial statement, credits, assets and commodities. In fact, financial money is all that can gain or create value. Obviously, financial money can be misused and misused and lead to financial ruin. While others who properly manage money and assets thrive beyond comparison.

Character currency: The largest of these currencies is the character currency. The character's currency can get you everything else, you can't buy a character but the character can make you money. You can't train in the character, but the character can make you exercise. Spirituality is part of who you are and a way of life, it will take strength of character to live it. Character also gives you self-control in order to manage your emotions.

The universe is governed by laws whether spiritual, metaphysical or scientific. Call it karma, cause and effect, relativity, movement, attraction or any other law. Call it what you want, they all come from the creative source, God. We only discover what God has already done, but we create our lives by character. We can either shape our life with character, or our life will shape our character. The difference is to be proactive or reactive.

You have heard of Newton's law: "For every action, there is an equal reaction". It is in the Bible in Matthew 18:18 when Jesus said, "I tell you the truth, whatever you bind on earth will be bound to heaven, whatever you untie on earth will be untied in heaven. The same goes for character, what you do in your character has physical, emotional, mental and spiritual effects. At the end of the day, your outside world is determined by your inside world. It's time to start living consciously and proactively.

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