Stock Market Investment: Reliable or Gambling


There is an old metaphor saying: "Money makes money". This can be literally applied now for a few days to capital generation through stock market investments. Generally, people have savings in the form of money or jewelry. But it will do nothing if the economy is hit by inflation or the value of money goes down. So what can be a safe, reliable and productive investment? Well, the answer is stock market investment. The stock market includes a system where partnerships or stocks of publicly traded companies are bought, issued and sold. But for a few people, it is no better than a dark pit and a nebulous casino of savings games. Contrary to popular belief, the stock market is a much better investment option than conventional investment areas like fixed deposits and gold bonds.

The basics you need to learn before you start investing in the stock market

It is a great pain to lose money and that is why no one wants to lose their savings collected by hard work. In addition, some people have a higher investment threshold than others. If a person plans to divert their savings as a stock market investment and they are upset about the loss that could occur, they should not have invested in the first place. However, before investing, you need to be clear about a few points.

Here, an investor also sells a particular security that belongs to him, another who is interested in buying it. Since the two investors cannot be absolutely correct, we can speak of an adversarial system. For a better understanding, we can assume that one investor will be profitable and that the other will certainly suffer a loss.

The opinion of the main investors, natural calamities, political and social instability, demand and supply, risk and the abundance or lack of alternatives. These factors are compiled with the relevant published information, which creates a general feeling (i.e. bearish and bullish) thus influencing the corresponding buyers and sellers.

The real profit lies in the price gradient of buying and selling of a stock. The best time to buy is when other investors are pessimistic. At the same time, the best time to sell is when other investors are optimistic.

Advantages and disadvantages of stock market investments

Similar to any other investment option, the stock market also has its pros and cons.


1. Great opportunity for extremely good returns in a short period of time.

2. Minority ownership. It may sound like an exaggeration, but putting money into the shares of a reputable business also makes the person a co-owner of the business. It doesn't matter whether the investment is big or small.


1. Brokerage commissions. Each time a person exchanges his shares, he becomes required to pay a certain amount to the broker's commission and this kills the profit margin.

2. Takes a long time. Investing in the market is not like putting money to win a lottery. Here, you have to complete several formalities, so it takes time.



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