Sandell Asset Management is a Leading Private Investment Fund


Sandell Asset Management Corp., a privately sponsored hedge fund based in New York, invests in equity markets around the world. The company was founded in 1998 by Tom Sandell. It uses an international event strategy to make its investments. Sandell Asset Management was established in January 1998. In addition to its New York office, it also has offices in London and Hong Kong. The company employs more than 120 people worldwide, including more than 50 investment professionals. Each Sandell site is supported by a local international search team with full running capabilities.

Sandell Asset Management has undergone major changes over the last two years. These include the addition of Peter Rothschild, David Brady and Philippe Hercot to his global private equity practice. Rothschild and Brady have been appointed vice-presidents in New York. Previously, Rothschild was a director of Levine Leichtman Capital Partners, a private equity firm in Los Angeles specializing in investing in mid-market companies. Brady was recently Vice President of Caxton-Iseman Capital, a New York-based physical education company. Hercot joins the London office as principal at Mercer LLC in Paris.

Among the divisions of Sandell Asset Management is Castlerigg Capital, a leading global private equity firm dedicated to investing in midmarket markets across a broad range of industries. Castlerigg seeks to partner with strong management teams and family business owners to identify the company's key drivers to create growth opportunities. As a member of Sandell Asset Management Corp., Castlerigg brings together a team of private equity experts and the talent, resources and global reach of a leading private asset management alternative firm.

Sandell Asset Management Corp. is the largest shareholder of Sybase, Inc. and has recently started to demand changes within the company. Sandell thinks the company is probably moving too slowly in its review of strategic alternatives. Sybase hired Merrill Lynch shortly after Sandell requested changes to the company. In an October letter, Sandell provided a list of recommendations to explore by Sybase to try to increase shareholder value. This is the IPO and the split of the mobility segment, share repurchases and / or the sale of the company, in whole or in part. Sandell added that he would seek to elect three board members at the next shareholders' meeting to ensure that the company takes steps to improve the share price.

Sandell Asset Management said, "We are committed to integrity, unwavering ethics, openness and the fair use of everything we do, and we understand that, above all, Is the living force of our success. "

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