Ozone Standards for Air Purifiers Sold in California – AB 2276 Air Cleaner Regulation


The California Assembly Bill 2276 requires that all air purifiers sold in the state meet strict safety requirements and that any ozone that can be emitted by air purifiers must meet the limits set; to be lower than or equal to predetermined standards. The Air Resources Board of California states:

In accordance with California Assembly Bill 2276 (2006, Pavley), the Air Resources Board (ARB) developed and adopted in September 2007 a regulation to limit the ozone emitted by indoor air purification devices to protect public health. All air cleaning equipment sold in California must meet regulatory requirements by October 18, 2010, the date of full compliance.

Although the standards only apply in California, they are in fact excellent for residents of all states, because independent tests of air purifiers show which ones meet the strictest standards and which ones are not. not. When you buy an air filter for your home environment, especially if someone in your family has asthma, do not you want the best and safest? Do not you want that you buy one that does not emit ozone, an odorless gas supposed to aggravate the domestic environment of asthmatics and people with allergies? Do not you want to buy one that meets independent standards for electrical safety?

Any indoor air purification device that does not meet California standards but is sold on the Internet or by catalog must display a notice stating: Does not meet California requirements; can not be shipped to California. The Air Resources Board 's address even to air purifiers manufactured in California that do not meet the requirements but will only be sold in the state. The problem is that all units returned to the manufacturer can be used in California and, therefore, the manufacturer must affix the non-conformance labels.

Ozone is acceptable in the sky, but not at ground level. Although a layer of ozone high in the Earth's atmosphere protects the planet from 99% of the ultraviolet (UV) radiation of the sun, ground level ozone is a key ingredient of smog and has a negative effect on the air we breathe. Some air purifiers sold in California (Ionic Breeze, from Sharper Image, is often given as an example) emit ozone as a byproduct of the generation of ions. negative using ultraviolet light. Even after high levels of ozone would have been at the origin of lung diseases, asthma attacks, hospitalizations and even premature deaths, companies continued to sell air purifiers producing ozone in California.

Although the public was informed of potential health risks, excellent marketing seemed to compel California residents to continue purchasing these potentially dangerous air purification units. To prevent the sale of such devices in California, Bill 2276 was passed. Go to CA ARB. Appealing to a state agency charged with enforcing standards for indoor air purification devices, the California Air Resources Board has created testing requirements for independent laboratories as well as standards to be met for that an air purifier meets the certification requirements. On the ARB website listed above, you will find links to a page listing California-compliant air purifiers in 2010, as well as a link to the page detailing scrubbers. air / ozone generators considered potentially dangerous.

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