New Product Marketing Strategy


Marketers have many proven methods of developing a successful new product marketing strategy, many of which include some sort of social media element. This means that a new product marketing strategy is now largely based on the Internet. Success always starts with a strategy, and for your new product, it is a necessity.

Internet marketing has become so vast that marketers need different strategies to market products through different online platforms. A Pinterest strategy won’t look like a Facebook strategy; therefore, it is important to determine which types of internet marketing are most appropriate for your product. However, some general practices should always be followed.

Find your demographics

When developing your new product marketing strategy, start by making a list of the types of people who will be most interested in your product. Be as specific as possible. It can be helpful to take your description of your target market and identify real people on social media who represent your target customers.

Generate a buzz

Giving freebies is also a great way to generate buzz about your product online. Ask people to share or retweet a photo of your product for a chance to win one for free. Freebies and promotional offers can also help liven up your daily blogger press release. Find a blog that has a niche related to your product and offer them free samples in exchange for writing a review for your product.
If there are any celebrities or industry influencers that match your target market, give them freebies. If they like your product, chances are they will send a tweet or a thank you message that will drive significant online traffic to your product’s social media accounts or website.


The new product marketing strategy should also include search engine optimization (SEO). Analyze your target audience and create a list of keywords they could use to find similar products. If possible, include SEO in your product description or in any press release you submit online. Implement SEO by developing a blog as part of your product’s website. The content of your blog determines the success of your SEO strategy. There is a good chance that competitors will use the same words, so providing useful content for your target market is important.

Use blogging and other forms of social media to become an expert in your product industry. Use websites like MeetUp and Eventbrite to create powerful events around your product and press releases to let people know about the events. Examples include gallery exhibitions, tastings, and fashion shows. Additionally, join or create LinkedIn groups where you can share information about your product on discussion boards. Sharing and linking to your website through these social media will also help you build your SEO profile.

Creating a new product marketing strategy is necessary to launch a new product in any market, online or in physical stores. While not all plans are successful, it is almost impossible to be successful without first making a plan. A new product marketing strategy is the key.

Source by John Halas

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