Microbrewries/Wineries and Mobile Text Marketing


Are you trying to increase your brand awareness? Do you have a new product to present to your fans? Are your current promo evenings still the old fashioned way? I think you will find that mobile text marketing will have an immediate and direct impact on your marketing efforts.

By contacting a local bar and hosting a ‘tasting event’, you can post a flyer and banner stating that your brand will be present on an upcoming date. Bar owners will appreciate the opportunity to have the extra stuff you bring. Now do you want to increase your sales and have the bar owners beg you to put your kegs or your bottles on their shelf? Here’s how to use text marketing: At every event, advertise and display flyers inviting fans to subscribe to your VIP list. They will text a keyword like “yourwinery” to a shortcode (a five-digit phone number like 12345). By doing so, they agree to give you permission to send future notifications. It’s also best to give them something to get them to join your list. Maybe it’s a percentage or a dollar amount on that night’s purchases. You will build an ever growing customer database with every event. Now you will be able to text this customer list every time you launch a new product or host special events or tastings at another location.

Think about the power of this for a minute. Consumers take their cell phones with them wherever they go. Industry studies verify that 94% of texts are opened and read within minutes of receipt. And 22% of recipients send invitation text messages to their friends. As your list grows, you’ll be packing bars (they’ll love it), increasing your sales, and having an ever-growing number of fans who feel a real, genuine connection with your brand. You should also consider putting your “call to action” to join your list on your labels and in all other forms of marketing that you do. We can even create a unique QR code for easy scanning and customer engagement. Continuing to build a responsive customer list will help you gain market share against your competition. Do not hesitate on it because others are embarking on this form of simple, profitable and very effective marketing.

The New York Times called mobile marketing “the most powerful advertising medium of all time.” It’s the most profitable and profitable form of marketing you can do for your business and it’s all easy to do right from your desk.

Source by Michael Saum

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