Medical Bankruptcies Up


Perhaps you are not aware or have you ever heard that 50% of personal bankruptcies are due to medical bills. Often, all too often, people did have medical insurance, but co-pays, deductibles, or uncovered items exceeded the patient's capacity or the patient's ability to pay. Most of these medical debtors were not of the lower class, but of the middle class. The upper middle class and the upper class were able to withstand more easily the storm and the onslaught of medical bills. That tells us one thing, it tells us that the health system is out of control and completely out of order.

Throwing more taxpayer money into universal health care or mandatory health insurance will only bankrupt employers and cause even more damage to consumers. Insurance prices will increase, even if the risk is spread among all citizens. Worse still, the problem is what to do with illegal immigrants who get free health care and catch-up services, thus driving up prices for paying customers, customers and patients, as well as rates of return. insurance to cover these losses. Something must be done.

Even a simple emergency like a broken arm for a child could cost over $ 35,000.00 and many families simply can not afford or have to use up their credit cards to do so. In Indiana, for example, the problem is so serious that bankruptcies of medical origin have increased by 25% in 2007 alone. And with the mortgage crisis, it is fueling the fire and some bankruptcy court staff say it is the perfect storm. Many consumers who are faced with medical bills forego treatment, only to suffer an aggravated crisis later, which will not cost them or taxpayers any more, then it may be to be too late. Think about it.

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