Markets Are Able to Be Made By Regulation


Sometimes politicians say the craziest things, no I am not talking about Donald Trump putting his foot in his mouth so the left-wing media can blow it out of proportion and play the StrawMan Game, rather I am talking about socialist leaning politicians who tell us they can create jobs and fix the economy by making laws, rules, and regulations, increasing taxes and the like? These folks haven’t a clue.

Recently, I heard on of Hillary Clinton’s campaign managers say; “Markets are only able to be made due to REGULATION,” WTH? Which came first? Government regulations destroy markets and the free-market survives in spite of regulations, not because of them. Let me give you a communist example.

The Chinese farmers under communism traded amongst themselves, increased their efficiencies, yields and ate well due to this illegal trading above their allotted surplus, the Communist Government let them do it when they found out, decided not to execute them, learned something. China was then able to feed the people. Communism needs capitalism, free-markets, so does socialism to pay for their populist bribery to continue their rule from overthrow. Regulation doesn’t make markets possible, markets will exist when people have desire to acquire, and that isn’t going away anytime soon even if we are forced into a Borg Civilization that spark will not die.

“Without regulation we get things like the Wall Street Mortgage Crash of 2008,” the campaign manager continued.

Again, WTH? Regarding the 2008 crash, who was it that caused that nightmare? Democrats, they were warned time and time again. Elliot Spitzer caused the removal of Hank Greenberg, and had he still been at the helm of AIG he’d have never let that little office in London insure those mortgage bundles for in some cases 135% of value (stated value). The enablers are mostly all democrats that allowed that bubble to form, similarly we see Student Loans at 1.3 trillion dollars with 40% in the rears over 90-days and now the dems want free college, forgiveness? OMG, this never ends.

Turn the world into a college campus? Only one problem with academia La La Land, it isn’t to borrow your favorite socialist buzz-word “SUSTAINABLE” nor is a fraudulent global warming scheme or the costs associated with re-arranging our energy infrastructure through another healthcare like hijacking. Socialist Elite cannot do anything right, why would we put them in charge of the Global Economy, Saving the Planet, toilet cleaning

The Bush “Ownership Society” comments and beliefs are held by all Americans. Bush didn’t start the problem, it was Clinton’s Administration with changes in rules for investment banks, and changes for Freddie and Fannie. Treasury Secretary Snow addressed Congress on the problems ahead, so too did Greenspan during Bush’s term, but the Democrat control wouldn’t have it. The Lobbying record of Freddie is well documented we know where the money went and to whom. If you want to say that regulation prevents such things, well it was changes in regulation that set up the stage.

Trying argue economics or politics with a leftist socialist neo-liberal is like talking to a Jamaican Bobsled team at max speed, they can’t hear you, they are busy going downhill fast. I guess the worst problem is the leftist just don’t learn from their mistakes, but you’d think they’d have learned from that road to hell they paved last time with the subsidized Good Intentions Paving Company LLC


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