Marketing Strategy To Increase Sales – Emotional Selling


Do you want to improve your marketing? Stop selling boring technical details and start selling emotions. It’s part of a new sales technique called hypnotic marketing. Throw people into an emotional dream state with simple, captivating language. Does that sound crazy to you? You can literally hypnotize people into buying your product or service with language.

Emotional imagery is the secret ingredient to compelling, page-turning fiction and it should and can be part of your marketing strategy to increase sales. Let me give you an example. Suppose you sell software. Let’s say the software tool helps you make ad buying decisions – the software lets you scan the media space for potential deals. Do you sell statistics? This software tool is thirty percent more effective than manual methods. Or are you selling the emotional benefits? Our software reduces your working time. Kick back, relax, enjoy a drink, put your feet up, and let the software do all the work. Your boss will give you a huge raise when he sees how much faster things get done.

Look the difference? One is boring and statistical. The other is emotional using powerful and positive imagery.

Let me give you another example of hypnotic language. Let’s say you’re selling some educational system. One simple word can make the difference between a sale and a pass. Never use the word learn in your copy or conversation. Learning involves working. People are busy and don’t want to add more work to their plate. They don’t want to learn, they want to discover. Instead of using the word learn to sell a product or service, replace it with discover. Check out these methods. Discover products that will change your life.

Finally, sell the emotion. Think about every word you use. Does it produce emotion? Write and speak in pictures. People want happiness, fun, relaxation. Sell ​​your products based on that. Market the emotional benefits of your products, not the boring technical details.

Source by Sarah Celeste

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