Making Money With Binary Options


With the popularity of digital or binary options, you would think there is no doubt that you could make money with them. However, we get questions all the time from people wondering if you can really make money with binary options.

Even though the digital options market isn’t controlled by Wall Street (at least not yet – Wall Street has its eye on the industry), there are banks, games, and other players getting involved.

In fact, the chances of making money with binary options are much higher than with other types of trading. For example, the US futures market shows that only 5% of investors regularly make money. Other reports show that on any given day, up to fifty percent (or even more by some estimates) of a binary options broker’s traders made money.

Because the binary market is unregulated (again, at least not yet), it’s nearly impossible to get a complete picture of the industry and the number of successful traders. At best, you can only trust what binary brokers will tell you (and most of them won’t give you any numbers).

The best estimates I can give are based on the traders we have taught over the years. Our successful futures traders were well above the industry average of five percent (based on surveys we have conducted over the years). Our first results for binary trading were even higher. Of those who responded to our inquiries, more than fifty percent were making money with binary options.

So what is the secret to making money with binary options? Well, there really aren’t any secrets when it comes to trading anything. The information is there, you just have to do your homework. Then, test your strategies before betting real money on the line. You can do the research yourself and no doubt find the binary strategies you need to succeed.

The best route would be if you could find a course or someone who actively trades and shares their strategies with you. If you are currently trading futures, Forex, commodities or something else, your market analysis may be the same. It’s just that when you pull the trigger on a trade, you’re buying an option instead of a futures contract or some other vehicle.

So, can you make money with these relatively new digital options? YES. If the odds don’t seem so good to you, just compare them to the success rates of other financial industries.

Source by Doug West

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