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As soon as the warmer weather gives us a snap, it’s time for the Farmers Market, that open space where farmers and others who want to earn an income by selling fresh produce picked from the garden, baked goodies. out of the oven, selections of ready meals, drinks, fresh meat and fish – and even handicrafts are presented to passers-by looking for bargains.

Although the assortment presented by the sellers is a varied type, it is not a free decision for everyone. Before showing their wares, sellers must follow the guidelines of the market board members as well as local regulations established for the process of selling and buying in the market.

Of course, the farmer’s market is vulnerable to all kinds of risks, from theft, fire, storm damage, liability and more.

Linked insurance premiums are subject to determination by insurance companies based on the following:

• How many days per week or per month of activity among farmers?

• How many suppliers, workers and customers in the market

• The amount of insurance coverage taken out

Like any business enterprise, the owner, manager or seller of the farmer’s market needs to do an honest analysis of events and how they may relate to insurance protection.

Below are several forms of coverage that may apply to any supplier or market operator.

The different forms of insurance cover

1. Commercial property

This coverage can protect the owner / operator of the market, as well as the sellers. In the event of loss or damage to goods or goods, he may reimburse within the limit of any covered event.

2. Responsibility of the premises

This covers legal fees and court verdicts against the insured in a lawsuit regarding civil liability for injury, loss or damage to others.

3. Product liability

This form of coverage protects the seller in the event that their product is the subject of a lawsuit related to illness or injury.

4. Liability for alcohol

This type of coverage protects the insured alcohol supplier from liability if someone purchases and soaks beer, wine or any other type of alcoholic beverage during the event and subsequently causes an accident or injury to the person. another person.

5. Workers’ compensation

Workers Comp ensures that there will be funds for medical expenses, lost wages for a worker who suffers an injury or illness as a result of their employment. It also protects the market operator or the seller in the event of a related lawsuit.

You have just enjoyed a brief summary of the different forms of Farmer’s Market insurance coverage. For a more in-depth discussion of your specific situation and insurance needs, speak to an independent professional agent who can present you with a tailor-made policy with the most competitive quote.

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