Investing in the Share Market for Your Retirement


In mid 2007, my friend and I decided to try to help our income (we are both retired) by investing our small savings in the stock market. We both started by buying four lots each. In the first month, we both bought and sold a lot of stocks each, making a profit and reinvesting. Our timing was not good, because within four to six weeks of starting, the stock market crashed.

We owned our stocks 100% without having taken any margin loans, so we decided to ride out the storm. It took a while because since the crash we had only bought and sold one lot each. But things are looking up now because in the past three weeks I have made three stock buy and sell trades and my stock portfolio is now worth more than what I started with. That’s 25% profit, which is more than I would have received had I left that money in the bank, especially the interest rates paid over that time, and still not great.

I check the market every day, even at the worst I was 70% on my investment. It really feels good to finally do what I planned to do and increase my portfolio. I now own six lots of shares. I really enjoy rolling and trading the stock market, and now hope to add more stocks to my list.

I bought Penny Stocks mainly in the mineral and oil resources sector, although I own a medical lot. There is a very fine line between deciding when to sell, picking the spike, and not being too greedy before waiting to sell. The same applies on the other end, trying to pick the right time to buy, when they bottomed out before they rallied.

Source by Jean Milbank

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