Internet Marketing Strategy – Is It Better to Duplicate or to Innovate?


When developing our Internet marketing strategy, should we replicate the success of others, or should we innovate and develop our own system? Should we find someone who has built a successful marketing business and do exactly what they did, or should we create our own way of marketing? The answer is that we should do both. We want to duplicate procedures while innovating in the implementation of these procedures.

In other words, we want to duplicate the proven methods that our mentors have perfected. Obviously, if their system works, we can save a lot of time by copying that system. They’ve already learned what works and what doesn’t, and we can take advantage of that knowledge. This does not mean that we plagiarize their content; it means that we imitate their techniques. If they have learned from experience that it is best to complete “Step 2” of the process before moving on to “Step 3”, we would be well advised to do the same. If they have discovered through trial and error that our “Step 4” should come before our “Step 3”, then we will be better off if we adjust our plan accordingly.

By innovating in the execution of these techniques, we can differentiate our business from theirs and create our own unique brand. We can deliver the same box, but we will pack it a little differently. We can make our business stand out by implementing different designs in our packaging. The website design alone can project a distinctive package that will deliver the same box but allow us to build our brand.

The important thing to understand is that our innovation must be replicable. In other words, just as we learned from others who came before us, others will learn by replicating what we have done. Therefore, we must innovate in a framework that others can effectively replicate. It might not make sense at first, but when you look at the bigger picture, it becomes obvious.

Successful people are often characterized not only by their accomplishments, but by their ability to help others achieve as well. Internet marketing “gurus” are well known not only for their financial success, but also for their willingness to help others replicate their success.

The one ingredient in the entire mix that is both repeatable and unique is the “we” in our business. No one can duplicate the “we”, but everyone can start their own business. By being “ourselves” and building our business around our personality, we can replicate the successful system of those who came before us, while maintaining our own distinctive image, which will ultimately become our brand and set us apart from others.

We will attract people who can identify with us. We want to show them that they don’t have to be an expert; they just need to be themselves. We want people to say – “I can do this!”

Source by S Morris

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