Internet Books of Silicon Valley's Hay Day – The Game Continues – What You Should Read Now


Which Internet books should you read? Well, if you really want to get an idea, I recommend you start from the beginning and familiarize yourself with ARPA-NET and the Bell Labs, but then I would recommend "The Web". by Tim Burners-Less or maybe something from Vincent Cerf. There are many other Internet books worthy of mention. Chris Anderson's "The Long Tail" is good.

Also, how about some Internet books from the 90s? "Blown to Bits" was written before 1999 and it's pretty decent, but we know how this bubble has evolved, and the rush to Silicon Valley's IPO-Venture Capital, is when even pretty interesting, and that The second wave of the Internet technology curve will be much more sustainable. Everyone is talking about it, Google seems to be a business. In big box bookstores, you will find several new titles, this year in fact in the areas of innovation and computer shelves.

You see, the Internet is changing, and it is changing rapidly. If you want to follow, you must also change with him. For example, I recommend that you know how it started, how it grew, how the bubble burst and what happened later.

From there, you can read what's going on right now, how things are changing as we speak, and then go ahead and read what the greatest technology expert thinks will happen next, as well as the futurists who can not stop doing sermons even though they are seldom on target judging by the decline decades later after everyone has forgotten what they said.

Why is all this important, well because the Internet is part of our daily lives, it has infiltrated into our families, our businesses, our schools and now, with all the mobile technology, it will be with we 24/7/365 and most humans will not know what to do in the future. You have included, so stop denying and start learning what all of this means. Please consider all of this.

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