Importance of a Video Marketing Strategy in the Digital PR World


Video marketing is a big engagement involving the functions of creating, editing, and posting videos, which consumes much more resources and time than is used in content writing. If you look at it the other way around, video content is also much more effective than its textual counterpart. Here are some video marketing fundamentals that will help PR agencies build brand names for their clients online.

Be specific with the goals

As stated before, video marketing is a big business with huge expense to tap various resources. Hence, the task of the marketing team is to make sure that the video marketing is done for a purpose and that no effort is wasted.

The list of specific goals the client wants to achieve through the video helps PR experts get a better view of what needs to be developed and delivered to ensure the success of the overall PR campaign. Goals can only be effective if they have a good mix of the three golden rules, namely: time bound, measurable and achievable.

Consider different formats and types of video

Video marketing is a broad concept involving many different formats, styles and structures. When developing a video marketing strategy, you need to consider the formats you want to work with to achieve your digital public relations goals. Among all of them, some of the most common video formats useful for PR agencies to establish their clients online are tutorials, stories, and advertisements.

Choosing the right distribution channels

Another important thing to make a wise choice is in the distribution channel to choose the brand of the customer in order to publish the visual content and attract the viewers. YouTube is one of the biggest and best-known video hosting choices out there, but when looking for a discounted price, video sharing sites like Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Twitch are also available for the rescue. Another great option for PR companies is to post visual branding content through social media. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are great mediums for sharing video content and the chances of achieving major video success increase when supported by pages and people with a following big fan on social media. . The last but not the least option is to host the videos on the client’s website itself. When deciding on a video format, be sure to try out several different channels before choosing one, this gives a PR firm time to determine which posting media creates the best results for their client.

Promote content generated by consumers

One of the new phases of evolution and transformation of the online marketing world is Consumer Generated Content (CGC). In CGC, brands have the ability to leverage consumer-created content for the particular industry they are dealing with. It’s a great way to learn about customer needs and serve them accordingly. When customers get involved in content generation, one of the main promotional activities, they will feel a sense of attachment and thus promote the video content on their own through their respective social media profiles or others. online channels.

Don’t forget to include a call to action

The worst thing about video content is when the content ends without providing viewers with any guidance on how to proceed or what to do next. It will just end up taking viewers off the tab without taking any action in favor of the brand, wasting all the resources invested. PR agencies can prevent this audience loss by ensuring that the brand’s visual content always has a clear and direct call to action for viewers because, ultimately, the video is created and shared for extend the range continuously.

Follow-up is also necessary

Video marketing is a big commitment, and the last step in that big job is to pay attention to the analysis and make sure that the video is exactly on track to meet the goals decided in the previous steps. Audience, social media shares, influencer mentions, clicks, conversion rates are some of the important metrics that will help PR experts analyze and assess the impact of each video. Using analytics at the right time will help better ensure the success of the video campaign and resolve issues appropriately, if needed.

Source by Kalpita Kumar Pradhan

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