How to Sift Through IPO Data and Make a Killing


The best way to obtain data on IPOs is to consult the prospectus filed by the company with the SEC. This document contains all the data relating to the IPOs it would need to acquire the necessary knowledge to succeed in the market.

The number one IPO data that you need to view is the subscriber of the IPO. Subscribers come in all shapes and sizes and good or bad. There are the solid players or what I like to call them, the "Gold Pens" of the industry, then the mediocre underwriters who do not favor or hinder the offer of D & D. Listing on the stock market.

The second piece of data you need to arm yourself is what the subscriber takes. This means how many actions the subscribers will get. If you see a trend that a subscriber has a ton of stocks and the rest a small amount, you may have found a potential gold mine.

The use of the product is yet another important element with which you must familiarize yourself. This information on IPOs is very important and with it, you could be on the right track to make big profits.

What happens with "Product Use" is that the current IPO must record what it will do with the product of the offer. So, if you see something like, "We will not get any product from the offer", it means that you have to be careful because there might be problems.

The best use of the products is as follows: "We will use the products of this offer for research and development, possible acquisitions and the development of our company." Something like that could do the IPO, instantly.

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