How to Promote Your Article Marketing Strategy Through RSS Feeds


Promoting a website through good optimization and driving massive traffic to these sites is usually done by online entrepreneurs to ensure the success of their business. Writing articles can be one of those effective marketing strategies that can give your website a high ranking in major search engines.

Articles with good content can give your website a good chance of landing on the first pages of major search engines. And well-promoted sites, with the use of well-optimized article promotions, can have these high ratings since search engines can easily recognize them and then traffic can be expected.

Content and relevance are key factors in these article promotions because readers can easily find out if your content is irrelevant and if you show no interest, you cannot have their trust. Traffic can be generated, but it will be a question of obtaining high conversions, because your customers will simply leave without having earned their trust.

Managing your website means finding ways to deliver information to your viewers and potential customers in such a way that they show interest while viewing the entire page. Viewers looking for a particular need may tend to lose interest if they can’t get good information from your content.

A good way to promote your articles is to use RSS feeds which can be viewed on the author’s profile page. This can be reached by clicking on the author’s name and you will be taken to a page where you can see the author’s RSS icon.

Including a link to your RSS feed on articles you have submitted can encourage viewers who are interested in your articles to subscribe to your feed. If you already have a group of loyal subscribers, these people can generate leads and you can even have free “word of mouth” promotions.

Using RSS feeds can provide you with benefits such as getting a steady stream of traffic to your site to complement your email marketing campaign and as a good marketing strategy through your loyal subscribers. This can give your site some good advantages, which can be a success factor.

RSS feeds are subscribed directly by your viewers and subscribers, and they wouldn’t get filtered into a spam folder like most spam. With this, you can rest assured that viewers have really read your pages.

When you use RSS feeds to notify readers of news and other updates to your content, it can benefit your website’s ranking in search results. Major search engines usually recognize websites that regularly add new content to their pages.

Source by Jason Nyback

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