How to Price Costume Jewelry in a Flea Market


Flea markets are a great place to sell inexpensive costume jewelry. If you own vintage costume jewelry, you are probably better off selling it through other channels. Most flea market shoppers don’t aim to spend a lot of money on individual items. More often than not, buyers have a general idea of ​​what they intend to spend at a flea market and that doesn’t include spending on high-end vintage costume jewelry. You can probably maximize your margins by selling them in other places.

However, flea markets are still great places to sell your jewelry. If you set up a jewelry stand, you are likely to sell more volume on good quality, reasonably priced items.

Here are some tips for setting up a costume jewelry stand in a flea market:


Almost all types of costume jewelry can be sold in a flea market. You may come across items that you can sell at discount stores, sales, thrift stores, and even garage sales. While these do not provide a stable or reliable source of products for sale, you can also buy direct from costume jewelry wholesalers and importers. Buying your pieces from an importer or wholesaler has a few advantages: their reliability in supplying you with jewelry that has generally passed quality control and can supply parts in bulk.

Pricing and labeling

Make sure you don’t overvalue your coins. You can do this by checking the price of the same or similar pieces in the same or nearby flea market. In the meantime, don’t underestimate your articles either. Make sure you cover your fixed costs like kiosk rentals, electricity, hired help, and even your time. This should give you an idea of ​​your volume breakeven point and the mark-up you place on each coin.

Make sure all of your jewelry is in good condition and clean. You can attach the coin to a card and paste your price. Another way to mark your piece is to tie a stitching through the loop of the jewelry. Either way, make sure the parts are presentably secure.

Setting up

The trays are perfect for displaying your jewelry. The downside to only using trays is the amount of space it takes up on your table. If possible, use a stand or hang larger pieces like bib necklaces on the walls. Jewelry displays are available online or through presentation companies.

You also don’t want to scare customers away by over-decorating. It is always a good idea to decorate your booth carefully. Having some color helps as it sets your booth apart from others.

Another tip is to have a notice board if possible. The sign should state exactly what you are selling, in this case costume jewelry. The sign still attracts attention in a sea of ​​many other stalls without signs.

Source by Megan Matthews

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