How Podcasting Can Help You Recession Proof Your Income


You see the evening news, just like me.

There is turmoil in our cities.

There is unrest because of COVID, lockdowns and riots.

There is turmoil in the economy. Some department stores cannot get inventory that has been recently taken for granted. Some grocery stores cannot stock meat, fish, and other in-demand items.

Some businesses and small businesses can’t find people to work! Some businesses have suffered to the point of shutting down or downsizing even more!

Many people are on the move between losing their jobs, their homes – their stability …

It is not a unique situation. COVID may have been the factor that triggered the problem, but it’s not the end of all things.

If you’re honest you can look back over the past 20 years and see the cycle.

In 2001, what happened? September 11, 2001…

Seven years later, 2008, what happened? Stock market crash and recession …

Seven years later, 2015, what happened? Chinese stock market crash; Euro crash – and it had an impact on our stock market and our economy …

Seven years later, where are we? The COVID-induced financial collapse on the horizon (as we briefly described above) …

How can a podcast help protect you from what’s going on?

Because those who are now preparing to have some type of online activity may begin to isolate themselves from working for others – working for themselves. It’s not easy to initiate if you are struggling with issues and have your back to the wall.

But if you are prepared when problems arise, then you are able to help those who have failed to prepare! And a podcast will help you establish that type of positioning.

How can a podcast help you?

Speaking of whatever passion you have, right now. If your passion is to fix cars, babysit or cook, someone will need to fix their car, will need to either start babysitting to earn extra money, or start cooking more at home. home rather than spending money on dining out or buying fast food.

And if you start a podcast about the passion you have, you can start building your credibility and expertise that people will be looking for very soon! This is something you can do, preparing now, that can be of blessing to those who will need your help very soon.

But if you don’t prepare yourself, you will participate in the problems and will not be able to be a blessing to others. But if you take the time to prepare now, you could cushion the impact the financial collapse will have on you and your family.

But if you don’t prepare now …

Where will you be?

Podcasting is simply a way to share your expertise, build your authority, and start generating subscribers. Podcasting is simple (if done right), easy to set up (if done right), and easy to market (again, if done right).

I am preparing to share all of my knowledge that I have accumulated over the past 11-12 years to help those who wish to protect their families while you still can. The collapse is approaching. Problems are already starting to appear on the horizon and they are heading our way.

And the cycle comes along and is visible to anyone who takes the time to study it.

If you would like to receive more information on how to prepare yourself and your family for what’s to come, go to the resource box and contact us!

Source by Robert Thibodeau

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