How Long, Will Mortgage Rates, Stay, Low?


If we were feasible, crystal ballswould it not be easier to predict trends and what the future would bring? However, since most of them have not found, in their personal form, a reliable form of these, it may be wise to better understand certain signs and omens that might be useful in providing us with more information. information for an informed decision! One of these relevant questions is related to mortgage rates and the determination of whether / if and for how long these interest rates will remain as low (or close) as they are today. # 39; hui. Bearing this in mind, this article will attempt, briefly, to examine, consider, discuss and discuss some relevant factors that need to be addressed in these considerations. and evaluations.

1. The so-called experts: The funny thing about the experts is that they do not all agree. In terms of interest rates, it may even be more, then! The vast majority of today 's economists, who specialize in this field, believe that these rates will probably change very little until, at least, after the 2020 elections. Their reasoning, It seems to be based on a few factors, including political considerations (the president is seeking re-election), fear of risking economic troubles, and so on. However, they also warn us that this may not be the case, inflation rises suddenly, as it might be, and other real and / or perceived risks, and so on.

2 External influences: What could be the consequences of the potential, the escalation of trade wars, because of imposed tariffs and / or President Donald Trump's rhetoric? If the war of will with China continues for a significant period, it will make everything more expensive, such as building materials, electronics, machinery, etc. If Japan and the current administration fail to reach a mutually acceptable agreement, this will create additional stress on the system. What about the consequences of our conflicts with our allies, including NATO, the European Union (EU), the United Kingdom (because of BREXIT), etc.?

3 Economic considerations: If trade wars grow, or even if many perceive instability, etc., these economic considerations could affect the number of potential buyers, skilled and potential, who are willing, eager and willing able, to seriously consider buying a home. transform the real estate market, from sellers, into a buyer's market, which could have an impact on mortgage rates, in part because of supply and demand!

4 The supply and demand: Like almost every other aspect of the economy, supply and demand, also have a major effect on real estate.

Proceed wisely and pay close attention to the effects of various factors on the future level of interest rates and, consequently, on the cost of mortgages. A wise consumer who educates himself is the best prepared and ready for any eventuality!


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