How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market


How I won $ 2,000,000 in scholarship, this is the title of the book written by a legend of his time, Nicholas Darvas. This happened in the early 60's. In today's money, that $ 2 million is equivalent to $ 20 million. Nicholas Darvas had earned this money in two years.

Who was Nicholas Darvas? Nicholas was a professional dancer who used to perform on Broadway and across different parts of the world. He would trade stocks overnight. At that time, you should realize that there was no Internet or something like what we have today. Orders could only be placed with the broker over the phone.

The most remarkable thing about Nicholas Darvas is that he amassed that fortune by trading stocks with only three pieces of information: the high of the day, the lowest of the day and the end of the day. It was the only information Darvas had. It has essentially invested in fundamentally healthy companies on the verge of breaking out of the consolidation bases on a solid volume.

He invented or you can say developed a special box method now known as the Darvas box method which he used to make a fortune. Her story was published on the cover of Time Magazine at the time. At first, publishers will not believe that he had made such a great fortune. They rechecked it over and over and in the end, they had to admit that Nicholas Darvas had indeed made a fortune in two years. Over the years, Nicholas Darvas has inspired countless traders.

His book has become an all-time classic. This shows that there is always a crazy method. You have to develop your own ideas and systems if you are interested in making a sum as large as Darvas. If a part-time shopkeeper and a full-time dancer can earn $ 2 million, which is more than $ 20 million today, can you do that too?

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