FTC Cannot Regulate Lawyers?


Why is every industry regulated except lawyers? It's really funny because these are the only ones who really put the screws to the American people. Lawyers are scoundrels and are the scourge of the Earth, it was said. Caesar was probably correct. So, why do not we regulate lawyers? If lawyers are watching the law, who is watching them and why is it illegal for our own government to ask such questions? Why can not the FTC regulate lawyers?

Who dares to question the ethical nature of lawyers? I do? Who am I, we are we and are we the government and I question the authority and ask why the bankers to whom we entrust our money like "In god trust" know the laws of your customers? Yet lawyers are hiding behind the law to protect anyone, even criminals, against pay. Something is missing and it would be good to know exactly what is here?

Why do we regulate each profession and ask for disclosure and transparency? Thus, if a single "I" is not dotted or "T" is not barred, a lawyer can sue the company and deceive the shareholders (consumers). Yet when we ask to regulate lawyers, ah ah, suddenly it's against the law? So it seems that the lawyers have indeed diverted the law, like a kid with the only plastic shovel in the sandbox and they say to themselves: "Ha ha ha, you can not recover it!" Screw these lawyers; let's call Caesar.

If our own government can not enforce the laws of our country against lawyers, then our laws are useless and so is the action. Think about it.

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