Four Types of Bonds of Love Between Man and Woman


The world is extremely mysterious. Every day we see a lot of things that we take for granted without knowing how and why that happens. After billions of years, people have seen the apple fall to the ground, but they never wondered why their apple fell to the ground and did not go up. Newton thought for the first time that there must be a force that had to pull the apple to the ground. This thought leads to the discovery of gravity, a force of universal attraction that existed between all the material entities of the universe since its origin. Little by little, scientists have also discovered the electrical and magnetic forces between electrical charges and magnetic substances. Yet scientists have never found a satisfactory answer to the question of why different types of materials are attracted or repelled.

What is true in the world of particles is also true in the world of living things. Each species of the world is attracted to the member of the opposite sex. Yet it is difficult to know why this is happening. As humans, we are all aware of the pulling force that draws us towards each other, but we can not know why this is happening.

The reason for the attraction

Although scientists have no reason to explain why the material attracts, they have nevertheless discovered a reason for the attraction of male and female species using the theory of evolution. They believe that the attraction between male and female species in this world is due to their desire to mate so as to be able to reproduce the children. These theories are based on the principle of Darwin's evolution, since no spy would survive otherwise than reproduction. However, the answer is incomplete, because even after the people have produced the children, the forces of attraction do not diminish.

Studies show that certain physical characteristics stimulate the brain's hypothalamus, leading to increased heart rate, sweating, and sensations of sexual arousal. What leads to this answer? Perhaps the most obvious is a youthful appearance related to reproductive ability. (Buss, David M. The Evolution of Desire: Strategies of Human Mating.New York: HarperCollins, 1994) Women are also attracted to men for what they have to offer in terms of of reproduction.

Yet boring scientific research always misses the mystery of the universe. What does increase heart rate, sweating and feelings? These actions seem nothing short of a miracle although we know that they happen. Einstein captured these thoughts in the following words

"There are only two ways to live your life, one is as if nothing was a miracle, the other is as if everything was a miracle."

Our knowledge of physics allows us to find the index of physical attraction. For example, we all know that opposite charges are attracting. We know that all materials are neutral in the natural state. However, they charge when electrons are removed from the material, making them positively charged, while the material having excess electrons is negatively charged. As a result, opposing charges attract each other so that they can neutralize their charges and return to their original conditions. The same explanation exists for magnetic particles.

We can also explain the attractions of gravity using the same principles that even science believes that all matter and all energy was one before the big bang. Therefore, all questions seem to attract each other to reach the original neutral state of matter and energy.

Using the same principle, it can be said that the attraction between the opposite sexes is perhaps due to their desire to become so as they used to be. We call it love because we know it exists (like gravity), but we can not know why it exists. Since every human being is not only a body but also a spirit, a soul and a spirit (God), so there are four types of love between the species of the human race.

1. Physical obligations: basic instinct

The most primitive and fundamental for the love between man and woman is due to the differences in their body. The physical drawings are complementary to each other, which attracts to each other. People get satisfaction and enjoy in the company of the opposite sex. Even the touch of the hand is nice and transmits energy and love. The reason seems to be chemical because the body shows an increased flow of body fluids and chemicals when the physical connection between men and women occurs.

Tina Turner expresses the physical connection that exists between boy and girl in one of the titles of the song "What's Love Got It Do It That" that captivated the imagination of billions of people around the world in the eighties.

You must understand

That the touch of your hand

React my pulse

What is that thrill

Boy meeting girl

Contraries attract

It's physical

Only logical

You must try to ignore

That means more than that


Oh what does love have to do, must do with

What is love if not a second-hand emotion

What does love have to do, must do with

Who needs a heart

When a heart can be broken


The physical link is the oldest and most fundamental form of love that exists between man and woman. Prostitutions are considered the oldest profession in the world that humanity has discovered to exploit this attraction between men and women.

2. Mental Obligations: Friendship

While animals only find the physical connection between the opposite sexes as they fail to rise well above the physical level, males, endowed with an increased mental faculty, have found another form of fear that binds males and females. This link also exists between members of the same sex.

The friendship lies between people with complementary thoughts. In the words of Mencius

"Friendship is one mind in two bodies."

The mind of every person wants to know what he does not know to make himself complete. This knowledge can be lived with someone else's mind. The friendship stems from the desire of two people to share their thoughts so that their minds grow and complete.

The minds of men and women are as complementary as their bodies. Thus, every man finds a different way of looking at the world, when he sees the worlds through the eyes of the woman. Thus, a man who has a good friendship with women is the quintessence of "goodness" while his mind is fully developed. On the contrary, people who do not have friends in the opposite sense member are really perverse because their point of view is extremely unbalanced. All dictators and despots have never had a friendship with women and the list includes Hitler, Stalin and Mao, although they have had physical links with women. That's why their minds have never really evolved. The mind of a person can only have the satisfaction, tranquility and peace that he has friends among members of the opposite sex.

3. The emotional bond: the feeling of love

The most beautiful and powerful relationship that exists between men and women is emotional. All emotions flow automatically to people because of the desire of souls to become so. The souls of a man and a woman are complementary because they come from the same source. This is not only a philosophical truth but also a physical truth. Therefore, they always aspire to meet each other in order to balance themselves as opposite electrical charges or magnets of opposite poles.

The emotional connection between a man and a woman is often so powerful that people even sacrifice their lives or kill themselves in the attempt to become one. Love is often called fetal attraction because it is responsible for most of the crimes of this world.

Love is like a chemical reaction that transforms the souls of the man and the woman. People in love are completely upset by the transformation of their soul, just as hydrogen and oxygen lose their identity when they combine to create the drop of water.

Only love brings peace and happiness in people's lives, which can not be bought with all the riches of the world.

4. Spiritual link: God in all

The man and the woman also share the highest level of spiritual connections with each other. The spiritual relationship is based on the nonphysical relationship between people. In this type of relationship, people do not expect each other because they all seem to merge their identity with God or the Holy Spirit who is at the origin of all the entities of the world. universe.

The spiritual or non-physical connection exists between people of opposite sexes in many forms. It manifests itself in the form of love for the mother, love for the children, love for the brothers and sisters and at a later stage of life, even between the love of the spouse. Spiritual love is the last stage of love between each person when the bond develops at the highest level. The seed of this love is always present in the person and manifests itself first in the child with his love for the mother. Gradually all other forms of love diminish and only spiritual love subsists in the most evolved human beings of this world, such as Jesus, Buddha or Gandhi. This form of love is really selfless and unconditional.

The evolution of human links

All the links between human beings can be classified into four types, namely. body, mind, soul and spirit. The journey of life begins with the spiritual connection of love that exists only in the child. However, as the body, mind, and soul of the person grow up in this world, the bond of love manifests itself in different forms. While in the case of animals, the connection does not go through the physical level, in the man she evolves from physical to mental emotional and finally takes a complete circle to return to the spiritual level. Spiritual love makes the divine man and the integrator to God so that he realizes his salvation or his purpose of life. The cycle of life goes on until a man realizes his spiritual love with God and man.

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