Forex Trading Advice – What Gains Could You Make Trading Global Currencies?


What gains can you expect from trading world currencies and how much effort should you make to generate an excellent second income? In this article, I will give you realistic goals to aim for and also give you an idea of ​​the amount of study and work that you need to do to achieve these gains.

Forex trading is easy to learn and there is no need for continuing education once you have a system that you are satisfied with and trust. No system is perfect, but if you have a simple graphics-based system, you can make a lot of money with it. So how long does it take to learn a simple graph-based system? In my opinion, it will take anywhere from a few weeks to about a month to learn everything you need to know and that's it – no further study is required.

Many traders waste their time searching for new systems when they get some losses, but all systems will experience periods of loss. Instead of trading systems, if you trust your system, trade it with loss periods with discipline. If the systems are well founded, this will make money in the long run. Short term equity declines happen to all traders so accept them, trade with discipline and focus on the long term.

Your system should also be based on the following long term price actions, if you focus on the longer term you will find that you make more profit and do less work and only one hour per day off can make you a lot of profit.

So how much money can you trade in Forex?

Sure, it will vary between traders and systems, but here are some general points regarding the amount you can earn and the size of the capital declines you can expect.

The best traders will earn between 30 and 100% per year and this can be achieved even by new traders. You will see a lot of cheap Forex gurus and robots saying that you can make 100-1000% per year and that you also have very small losses (normally less than 5%), but that they are lying and that They don't reach these numbers.

If you make 30 – 100%, your draw will increase with the amount you generally target, if you aim for annual winnings of 30%, your draw will be around 10% and on winnings of 100% it will be 39; around 30 – 50% and loss periods will always last from a few weeks to a few months, so it's important to keep your eyes on the long term – reduce your losses and make your profits.

The above is an honest assessment of how much money you can make in Forex trading and the time it will take you to do it, and good luck and I hope the Forex trading tips here above will help you enjoy long-term business success.

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