Forex News – How The Worlds News Effects Currencies


Either you are just starting out in Forex, or you have expertise in the field, but it is very important that you stay up to date with all the Forex news that is happening in the industry. Staying intact with what's going on in the world within your industry can sometimes be very addictive. In addition, with a globalized world, it seems that something is happening somewhere at all times.

Financial news

Here we list some of the latest news that has happened in and around the forex industry and which will also have an impact on your business in some ways. Remember that foreign currencies are always associated, so you should receive relevant information on the comparison of two different currencies or commodities. Here are some examples of relevant news that would impact various currencies around the world;

-A recent story has reported that retail traders had just switched to short net positioning on the same day that the pound gained a rally of 200 or more points.

– Forex traders are watching the US housing collapse very carefully, assessing the market for future mortgages.

-When the US Fed lowered rates recently, a Forex news service reported that expectations for the US dollar "fell like a stone".

-Fears of a recession in the United States could drive the dollar even lower than it already is. (In forex trading, the fact that the dollar is falling is not considered to be negative, as long as the trader is exploiting the fall when trading more expensive and more valuable currencies around the gauntlet.

Political News

Most people have the false impression that currency and finance news are the only things that interest any forex trade, but political news is very important and can give you insight into the political movement of different nations and the direction their country is taking. . You have to make sure you follow the trend that is spreading across the world.

Currencies and financial news are not the only news of interest to Forex investors and traders. Forex traders are also interested in new policies that can have an impact on the currency of a country.

-Tragic events like the assassination of a political leader can affect currency futures in the country where the event occurs and can have a ripple effect in surrounding areas ; for example, the assassination of Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan.

-Natural disasters like an earthquake, a hurricane or a typhoon can consume a large part of a country's resources; therefore, Forex traders watch the news of these disasters.

– Political events, such as the American presidential electoral cycle, have significant effects on the valuation of currencies; therefore, Forex news contains updates on presidential candidates, primary elections and general elections.

Analysis of news

Forex news services add value to the news they provide by analyzing current events and predicting how they will affect the exchange rates of various currencies around the world.

Some popular sources of Forex research and analysis are: Daily FX, Rabobank Technical FX Daily, Scotia FX, TRL, Mizuho Corporate Bank, CIBC World Markets, BHF Bank and Mellon Foreign Exchange.

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