Flea Market Business: How To Outsell Other Flea Market Vendors


Flea market. Does this sentence make you excited, but anxious at the same time?

If so, it’s probably because while you know there’s money to be made, you also realize how much competition there is in the flea market.

To make money with your own flea market business, you need to have good quality flea market products at low prices.

But the other ingredient that is often overlooked is that you must have the ability to outsell your competitors.

How do you outperform your competition against other flea market sellers?

Think about what a dollar store would do to set itself apart from other dollar stores in the neighborhood.

You want to emulate that dollar store and apply its strategies to your own flea market.

Here are tips you can use to outsell your flea market competitors.

Tip #1

Customer service is crucial. People want to be treated well no matter where they shop. Be the flea market vendor who is known for his friendliness and helpfulness. Buyers will be happy to buy from you, even if your prices are the same as other flea market sellers.

Tip #2

Always have an organized and pleasant flea market stand. Buyers will appreciate visiting your booth if your merchandise is well displayed. Is not it?

Tip #3

Keep track of prices from other suppliers. Your prices should always be equal to or lower than their prices.

Even if lowering your prices reduces your profits, you need to adjust them. You can always make up the shortfall on higher sales.

Tip #4

Be positive. Buyers want to buy from positive sellers. Shopping at a flea market is supposed to be fun, make it fun for your customers.

Tip #5

Introduce a new variety of items. If shoppers know you always have a nice variety of new products on your flea market stand, they will first come to you to see what new products you have.

Make sure the products you introduce match your current merchandise. You want your customers to know you for a certain product category.

Source by Donny Lowy

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