Don't Feel Guilty About Filing Bankruptcy, See What the Bible Says


Until recently, bankruptcy bankruptcy was flawed and was dishonest. Many people have avoided bankruptcy, even until their own disappearance, because of stigmatization. No one really wants to go bankrupt, at least those of us who are honest, but sometimes the process is inevitable. It is interesting to see how this stigma has cast doubt on the honesty of a person and labeled it as a failure. Although no one really wants to say that they have launched this negative label, I suspect that this has been committed by the credit industry. They know that once hired a bankruptcy lawyer, a person will probably no longer be reimbursed. As a first step, a collection company will call for arrangements for payment and will attempt to befriend the individual in financial difficulty. Most people do not realize it, but they will feel guilty if they do not pay their new friend. When a person knocks on the end of the rope and has nothing to give him, the gloves come off and the assassination begins. The collection agents are paid according to what they collect, so that they do not encounter any problem trying to destroy the character of a person with threats and reprimand them.

The most interesting facts are the most common reasons for filing for bankruptcy: unemployment, an illness that causes loss of work with high medical bills and family problems such as divorce. So, when a debt collector calls a person and accuses him of being dishonest in not paying his debts, it seems to me that all of these reasons are out of his control and that he is not There is nothing wrong with filing a bankruptcy. People need to understand the source of the information that makes them uncomfortable. A quick way to dispel guilt is to talk to a bankruptcy lawyer and he or she will be able to rectify the person's situation. For a person who needs to feel better, just look at the recent study that says the average American family has only three weeks to go bankrupt. This conclusion was based on the amount of debt of the average American household and compared it with their savings and income. In most households, debt is on the rise, non-existent savings accounts and falling incomes.

For those who still feel the guilt and shame of filing for bankruptcy All they have to do is open the Bible and use it as a moral compass. It is true that the Bible clearly says that we must pay are just debts. I do not think anyone can argue this point, even those who file for bankruptcy. However, the Bible speaks of the balance between the moral and legal obligation to pay these debts and to consider the need for compassion and the obligation that these debts be canceled at periodic intervals. This comes from Deuteronomy 15 of the Old Testament Bible and is the basis on which Congress created the Bankruptcy Code. Debt cancellation every seven years was clearly stated in the scriptures. Deuteronomy 15: 1-2 says, "Every seven years you will grant a liberation, that is how the liberation will be done: each creditor will release what he has lent to his neighbor, his brother, because the Lord's liberation been proclaimed. "

So, the next time a debt collector calls and starts to reprimand the individual, he has to take out his Bible and tell him the truth about filing for bankruptcy and how it should to be treated morally and legally.

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