Do You Market, Or Sell Real Estate?: 3 Things To Consider


If you are a Certified Real Estate Seller, or Associate Broker, etc., it is important to determine whether you are selling real estate or ongoing sales and whether you are marketing or selling properties, etc. While many seem to believe that they are the same, in reality there are significant differences, in the way one proceeds, acts, behaves, functions and serves, those who hire it! Do you market or sell real estate, or both? While there is a lot to consider, this article will focus on three important things to highlight and focus on. With that in mind, this article will attempt, briefly, to examine, examine, review, and discuss what it means and stands for, and why it is important.

1. Market and promote, rather than proactively sell: What is the difference between selling and marketing real estate? It is the responsibility of an agent, to accomplish these two tasks, and more! Marketing properties means promoting them, using a combination of personal and business contacts, advertising, referrals, digital promotions, etc. However, unless these actions are proactively transformed into sales, not only will the agent not be paid, but he is failing to fulfill his obligation to his client! The essential difference between selling and selling is that selling is the process, while selling is the closing of the deal!

2. Marketing using an open house, as opposed to follow-up: Not all open houses are created equal! While for most establishments this process is useful, at least from an exposure perspective, some agents simply act as attendants, while top performers try to make an inspiring, motivating and inspiring connection. convincing with those who participate. ! As most sales do not happen straight from an open house it is important to use them to develop a list of qualified potential buyers for other situations that may arise! How we follow – through, makes all the difference, in the world!

3. Market through advertising, but sell, by converting the transaction: Advertising is a form of professional marketing, when used effectively, in combination with other available promotional areas, often makes a significant difference, for the better! What sets the top reps apart from the rest of the pack is moving forward, consistently and steadily, in an effort to genuinely convert the deal and close a sale, which produces the most profits. male!

Real estate professionals need to provide the best service to their clients, both by marketing and selling properties, closing deals and making sales! Why should landlords hire you?

Source by Richard Brody

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