CPIM Exam Pass Rates and How You Can Improve Yours


Getting your CPIM exam has long been the to certify your knowledge, not just in product management, but also in inventory management, purchasing, supply chain management and operations management. The APICS website says it succinctly:

"The APICS Certified Program in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) validates the ability of a professional to understand and evaluate production and inventory management activities within a company's global operations." – from APICS.org

That said, it is not surprising that more than 93,000 people have received this designation in the past 40 years. But with its thorny five-part structure and its in-depth coverage of various aspects of supply chain management, CPIMs have people wondering: Am I ready for the challenge?

The good news about success rates for CPIM exams

Thanks to the APICS experts, we can give you this assurance: most people who pass their CPIM exams are indeed up to the challenge. Here is the data for the last four years, classified by subject:

  • Basic principles of supply chain management, 73%

  • Resource Master Plan, 71%

  • Detailed planning and planning, 75%

  • Execution and control of operations, 66%

  • Strategic Resource Management, 61%

  • In total, 66%

The most recent year, 2012, shows these statistics:

  • Basic Principles of Supply Chain Management, 74%

  • Resource Master Plan, 71%

  • Detailed planning and planning, 65%

  • Execution and control of operations, 70%

  • Strategic Resource Management, 51%

  • In total, 62%

To pass your CPIM exams, you need a total of 300 points or more. Although these exams are designed to be competitive, careful study and some test strategies can help you prepare for and succeed. Although it is not uncommon for people to fail – nearly 5 out of 10 people have had difficulties with this section on strategic resource management – it is even more common that they are in trouble. come out.

From my experience, the first module was the least difficult, because of its more comprehensive view of content and its less targeted focus. I scored 309 at the first rebate, but my scores slowly dropped to reach the 300 mark on each exam. My trend and trend of higher success rates seem to be correlated. make sure your concentration and effort improve as you go through the modules, you will do very well.

So let yourself be inspired, not intimidated, by the success rates of these CPIM exams. Others in the industry have succeeded with prior studies and preparation; we are confident that you can too!

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