Colon Cancer Survival Rates – Know Your Chances


When one goes to a path, he or she will have an uncertainty especially if the course he will follow is the path of colon cancer. Most of us do not understand what is really colon cancer, how it starts and how long will a person with colon cancer live. All people need is a general idea of ​​where they want to go because people tend to panic if they do not.

The reason that colon cancer survival rates are being written is that everyone settles and prevents affected patients from worrying too much. This article focuses on a generalization of how colon cancer patients are coping, with less-than-enthusiastic survival chances.

With regard to the article written and published in the European Cancer Journal, the location of the tumor has a considerable impact on colon cancer survival rates. In the United States alone, the survival rate of tumors in the ascending colon or near the small intestine is about 63%. The descending colon represents approximately 66% and the transverse colon represents 59%.

Colon cancer survival rates may vary from one country to another. In the United States, the 5-year survival of colon cancer is 62%, compared with 43% in Europe. The quality of the treatment is perhaps one of the main reasons for the difference, another being the number of colon cancer screening programs implemented. Detection is the main key to help treat this type of cancer. The earlier the detection, the easier it is for doctors to heal.

The phase and diagnosis have a huge impact on the chances of survival of a person with this malignant disease. Researchers wrote and wrote articles for the ANZ surgery journal found that the five-year survival rate for stage 1 colon cancer was 93%. This probability decreases to 59% when colon cancer malignant cells enlarge and are able to be classified at stage 3. The 5-year survival rate of a person with stage 4 colon cancer decreases at less than 20% of the chances of survival.

The ability to heal is not out of reach for a person with colon cancer. Everyone should remember that prevention is better than cure. Many things can increase the risk of contracting this type of disease. If you notice signs of colon cancer, you should immediately call in a professional because the key to increasing your survival rate is early detection and immediate treatment.

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