ClickBank: Two Proven Tips To Reduce Your Refund Rates By 51%


If you are selling a digital product online, you are surely offering a satisfaction guarantee and most digital product platforms such as ClickBank require it.

This is also a way to secure your customers and make them more likely to buy.

However, many people abuse it by buying the product with the intention of paying it back a few minutes after their purchase.

Here are two proven tips to reduce your repayment rates by at least 50%:

Do not give everything in the minute following a purchase

By delivering, for example, only a portion of your product right after a purchase, then a bonus or additional content the week after, then another document containing more tips a few days later, you limit immediate repayments .

You can also deliver the full product right after purchase and send regular bonuses in the form of practical tips or additional tools.

Insist on the existence of these bonuses and their importance.

The goal is to ensure that customers who intend to pay back immediately after receiving the product postpone their decision.

Indeed, when we postpone a decision, there is a good chance that we do not know it.

Negotiate with your customers

When a customer requests a refund, nothing prevents you from negotiating with him.

The goal is to never refuse to repay it to meet your warranty.

If the customer requests a refund within one minute after the purchase (which is often the case and proves that we can be confronted with a "serial re-registration" or a dishonest affiliate), here is what you can propose to him:

"I noticed that you asked for a refund a few minutes after receiving the product.You still have 60 days to get a refund.Why not take the time to read / watch / use the product? Every week you will receive an extra tool and it would be a shame to miss it. "

Here, what you are negotiating is time.

If the customer agrees to postpone his decision, he has a 50% chance that he will forget to ask for a refund in the future.

On the contrary, if the customer is honest but seems disappointed by the product, you can offer him the following:

"I sincerely regret that you do not like the product, I propose you to choose two products on the list here (link) .I give them to you free of charge.

If you prefer a refund (of a lower value than the two products you can choose), it will be processed without delay. "

In both cases, you will want to repay within 24 to 48 hours if you do not receive any response from your customer in order to honor your warranty.

And what techniques do you use to limit your reimbursement rates?

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