Booming Green Building Market Continues to Grow


Make no mistake: the green building market is not only here to stay, but it is also the wave of the future. Over the next five years alone, the market for buildings that incorporate alternative energy and conservation techniques will grow by $ 10 billion to $ 20 billion. Yet the green construction market only accounted for about 2% of new construction in 2004. By 2010, this figure is expected to rise to 5-10%, which is still only a tiny fraction of the huge potential of the green construction market.

A recent survey showed that over 70 percent of architects, engineers, contractors and building owners surveyed expect a significant increase in their income from green construction. Of those surveyed, around 60 percent of these industry professionals now regularly include green techniques in their new construction projects.

Although they cost a little more to construct, once the buildings are completed they can save occupants 8-9% in operating costs compared to conventional buildings, which can represent significant savings over time. time. Recognizing the trend, builders, architects and manufacturers are rushing to participate in the boom, which will ultimately lower prices for consumers.

It is no longer just a few environmentally conscious homeowners who install solar collectors on their roofs to heat water. The boom is being fueled by giant corporations such as Ford, GM and Adobe, companies that have incorporated green techniques into their buildings to improve their overall bottom line through increased energy savings. This trend proves that green buildings are no longer just a fad, and are definitely here to stay, because while businesses can realize a quick return on their investment, they are also quick to jump on the green construction bandwagon.

Green construction is not just the wave of the future. Green building is also the hottest “new” thing in building today. There is an organization called the US Green Building Council that actively promotes the use of green building techniques. If you or your company want to incorporate green elements in your next construction project, you will find a lot of information on

All of this creates a win-win situation for everyone involved. The building industry is increasing its activity, occupants are saving significant amounts of money and the environment is less and less impacted. And the trend is only set to accelerate as new technologies make green buildings even more efficient and cheaper.

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