Bail Bond Software


The software has greatly facilitated the management of deposits. These types of software use standard type menus, which make them quick to learn and easier to use. The most used software currently is the software BBS or Bail Bond.

BBS is a very user-friendly software that only has two data entry forms, "Customers" and "Bond", as well as an account ledger form that is used for data entry. The software consists of drop-down lists and phone book style listings that allow quick and easy selection of customer and surety records when they need to be changed. All client records can be easily retrieved as needed. All reports and official letters such as letters of guarantee, delinquency letters, client statements and judicial and financial reports can be generated at the click of a mouse.

The list of phone book styles allows for a quick selection of customer records or deposit to edit. The software provides selectable lists of bonds or active, inactive or all clients. Alphabet buttons further narrow the list and make the selection process easier.

Navigation through the entry and editing of BBS data can be performed using only the keyboard, only the mouse or with a combination of the two input devices.

Another software option is LexBail software. One of the main advantages of this software is that it is provided free of charge to Lexington National agents. This software has been developed specifically for the bonding industry and is continually updated.

LexBail software allows agents to manage all their activities. This software includes tracking powers and allows you to find written obligations, forfeitures, guarantees, full co-signer exposure, premium payment plans, sub-agent commissions, rebates and regulatory reports. LexBail software is customized for the bonding industry to electronically manage and store bonding records, manage premiums, and more. The only drawback of the bonding software is that it does not work on Macintosh, Linux, Unix, OS2 or any other non-Microsoft Windows platform.

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