Are Celebrity Endorsements a Positive Marketing Strategy?


Celebrity endorsements are used by countless businesses of all shapes and sizes as a marketing strategy. While some reviewers claim they have little positive impact on business sales, others claim that by using them you can truly benefit your business in countless ways.

Below are three ways to use celebrity endorsements as a positive marketing strategy:

1. Improve credibility

By choosing the right celebrity, you can really boost the credibility of your business. Many companies choose niche celebrities to endorse their products or services. For example, fitness startup, dietbet, chose “Fit2Fat2Fit” author and founder Drew Manning to endorse their business. As a fitness instructor, he is an incredibly inspirational fitness trainer who has inspired millions of people to get fit and lose weight. By choosing him to endorse dietbet, people took dietbet more seriously and the company experienced unprecedented growth as a result.

2. Increase brand awareness

Since celebrities are great at networking, so they are great at building brand awareness. They show up at premieres, exclusive events, and award ceremonies, giving your brand ultimate exposure when their photos are taken and featured in magazines, newspapers, and the internet.

In this regard, choosing a celebrity to endorse your products could be great for brand awareness. For example, if you design and sell handbags and a celebrity wears one of your brands, people will want to know more about the bag and the brand. Before you know it, people will be tweeting about the celebrity’s “look” and asking about the designer of the bag. This can quickly generate huge buzz for your brand, attracting more and more customers and boosting sales.

3. Add PR value

Finally, celebrity endorsements can be used as a promotional tool by quickly grabbing the attention of bloggers and journalists. When you get a celebrity to speak positively about your product, it quickly creates a lot of media attention, generating articles, blog posts, and videos about that celebrity and your business. Without that celebrity push, you run the risk of keeping your business out of the spotlight and losing hugely profitable sales.

Final Thoughts on Celebrity Endorsement

If used appropriately, celebrity endorsements can create an excellent and highly effective marketing strategy. That being said, the right celebrity must be selected, passionate about your brand and will positively endorse your product.

Source by Maria E Chambi

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